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Welcome to the internet's largest offering of high quality scientific tweezers, used for the most depanding requirements in research laboratories world-wide.

Most of the metal, gold-plated, and PTFE coated tweezers sold by SPI are made in Switzerland and are the highest quality in the world.

Whether you are a researcher in a high technology industry, in academia, or other areas with critical applications, SPI Supplies can provide you with a high quality tweezer for your research needs.

If your requirement in not so critical, consider the StudenTek quality tweezers which are acceptable for most high school classroom settings.

When possible, each metal tweezer is packaged in its own plastic box, with a piece of non-particulating plastic foam for protection. We also recommend the use of the SPI Supplies Brand Tweezer Holder to protect your tweezers and extend their useful lifetimes.

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Note: All tweezers are for use in scientific laboratories and not for human use. SPI Supplies is not responsible for the improper use of our tweezers.