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Alcotabs® Critical Cleaning Detergent Tablets

Use Instructions

We present instructions for use for several different types of cleaning situations:

Syphon pipette and tube rinser

Submerge pipettes immediately after use in a 1% Alconox®, Liqui-Nox®, or Terg-A-Zyme® solution. Let the parts to be cleaned soak in a jar until there are enough pipettes accumulated to fill the holder.

Drop one Alcotab® Critical Cleaning Detergent Tablet into the rinser and then place the holder with the pipettes into the rinser. The Alcotabs will dissolve (in cold or warm water) and effervesce, producing a detergent solution that passes up and down through the bores and around the pipettes. Rinse immediately thereafter after the tablet has completely dissolved and the effervescence has stopped.

For analytical or tissue culture work, use distilled, deionized, or purified water for all or just the final rinse.

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