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Parafilm® Family of Products - Explanation

Includes laboratory sealing film, stem wrap, grafting ( budding) tape and Flora Tape stem wrap



SPI Supplies offers the original Parafilm family of products, originally offered by what was once called the American Can Company, and which later became a part of Pechiney Plastic Packaging. Pechiney was purchased by Curwood - A Bemis Company in 2010. The product family consists of products offered under the Parafilm name and as well as products offered under the Flora Tape name. More than a few of our present or would-be customers have expressed frustration in their difficulties in understanding the differences between the different products in this family of products and we now attempt to bring light to the confusion.

We first have to start with the first if not also the best know of these products: Parafilm® M laboratory sealing film.

This original Parafilm product was originally developed for histology and other "medical" applications and therefore the designation of "M" for this particular family member. The product essentially was a roughly equal blend of a hydrocarbon wax and a polyolefin. It exhibits unusual elongation properties and can stretch roughly ten times before breaking. Because of the wax component, a white separation paper is used to keep one layer from sticking to another.

Florist Parafilm®, which can be used as a stem wrap as well, has a higher concentration of polyolefin in its composition and therefore less of the wax component. Hence, Florist Parafilm has a far lesser tendency to stick to itself, which means that it does not require a separation paper. Florist Parafilm comes in three colors: green, white, and brown. But it does exhibit essentially all of the attractive characteristics of Parafilm M, including its ability to stretch many times and also, adhere to itself when stretched.

Parafilm® Grafting Tape, sometimes called "budding" tape, is essentially the same formulation as Florist Parafilm®, but it is clear.

Flora Tape® is not sold under the Parafilm name because it does not have the "Parafilm composition". This product is crepe paper based and has been impregnated with a special wax and then offered in many different colors. Its primary use is as a stem wrap.

How does it compare with Florist Parafilm? Well we have described the compositional differences between the two products but the Florist Parafilm product will stretch much farther and adhere to itself much better than Flora Tape. Some customers express a preference for one and others, for the other product.

Summary of the available products:

Parafilm® M Laboratory Sealing Film
Florist Parafilm® Stem Wrap
Parafilm® Grafting Tape
Flora Tape® Stem Wrap

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