The new Parafilm® Grafting Tape is similar to the original Parafilm® M Laboratory Sealing Film.

Technical differences:
The main difference is that the new product contains a bit more polyolefin and a little bit less wax, therefore the final finished product does not require a slip sheet between layers of the roll. So in addition to a convenience factor, associated with the absence of a slip sheet, the product does exhibit properties that make it somewhat more appealing for grafting applications.

Product description:
Parafilm® Grafting Tape is an economical, fast and easy-to-use product that makes plant grafting and budding efforts a breeze for nursery workers, landscapers and gardeners. Apply the tape over the usual grafting rubber or tape normally used to hold the union secure until the graft takes hold. And, it may be enough alone to hold the scion of some soft-stemmed species in place.

Upper limit for temperature use limit:
We don't recommend the use of Parafilm Grafting Tape above 54°C (130°F) for covering because it gets sticky. The grafting tape will become softer as it gets warmer. However, we can not state exactly when the physical properties become too weak for this kind of application. Some geographical areas in topical climates, such as the Caribbean, should not pose any particular problems, it certainly will be more humid but that should not have any adverse affects on Parafilm Grafting Tape.

Other characteristics:
It is waterproof, flexible, stretchable and self-adhering. It allows gases (oxygen, carbon dioxide, etc.) to pass through, yet offers an excellent moisture barrier. The combination is perfect for grafting which requires a barrier to keep moisture in while allowing oxygen and carbon dioxide to pass through.

The product is available in two different sizes:

Parafilm Grafting Tape

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1" x 90' Rolls Box of 6 rolls 01846-AB$39.52 Add to cartYes
Case of 12 boxes (total: 72 rolls)Not eligible for flat rate shipping programs 01846-BC282.96 Add to cartYes
1/2" x 90' Rolls Box of 12 rolls 01847-AB39.52 Add to cartNo
Case of 12 boxes (total: 144 rolls)Not eligible for flat rate shipping programs 01847-BC282.96 Add to cartYes

Storage conditions: Room temperature
Non-hazardous from stand point of shipping