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The 100% water proof Cryo-Glove®, utilizes the same outer shell construction as in the water repellent version, followed by an additional component layer between the outer shell and the insulation layers called the bladder. This consists of a thin, seamless, 100% water proof inner protective glove, which adds an extra layer of protection with a minimum of added bulk or loss of dexterity. We do not recommend this glove for applications involving protection from liquid oxygen; however, realizing that some will end up using these gloves for liquid oxygen anyhow, then by all means, if you are going to do that, use only the version with the bladder.

Bladder design:
The bladder is a plastic film of a proprietary construction, engineered for the best possible barrier properties. However, it is not a perfect barrier, and certain solvents for example, could actually dissolve the bladder.

All types of Cryo Gloves are available in four sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large. These four sizes correspond to "European" sizes of 8, 9, 10, and 11 respectively.

One pair per package.

Mid-Arm (MA):
The insulated cuff provides protection from the ultracold halfway up the forearm.

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Large01218MW-AB196.52 Add to cartYes
X-Large01219MW-AB196.52 Add to cartYes

Elbow (EB):
The insulated cuff provides protection to the elbow.

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Medium01217EW-AB242.55 Add to cartYes
Large01218EW-AB242.55 Add to cartYes
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Shoulder (SH):
The insulated cuff provides protection to the shoulder

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Large01218SW-AB309.82 Add to cartYes
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