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Use these viewers to make it easy to communicate 3-D stereo micrographs and other images to others



Ever have the need to communicate information contained in stereo pairs to large groups of people, either via a report, or a presentation to a large group of people? The SPI Anaglyphic Stereo Viewers are the perfect answer to these requirements. They can be sent along with a report or even included with a text book that includes an anaglyphic print (any photograph made up of two slightly different views in to different contrasting colors, of the same object).

These glasses are available in larger quantities, so ask about larger quantity pricing. We can also on special orders provide these otherwise blank white cardboard frame glasses printed with corporate logo, address and/or other information. In order to get good economics, the minimum number we can accept for custom printing is 1000 pieces. All customs printed orders must be paid for in advance, no exceptions.

For those of our customers wanting a more comfortable and more permanent type of viewing glasses, we can also offer the same high quality red and cyan lens in a much more comfortable-fitting plastic frame.

We are often asked about how easy it is to communicate stereo information contained in electron micrographs. We have therefore started a Table of Examples of Anaglyphic Stereo in Microscopy.

Anaglyphic stereo viewers, red/cyan

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