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SPI Supplies® Brand Gold on Carbon Test Specimens

Use this ultimate set of three resolution checker mounts for FESEM performance evaluation.



Medium Size (3-30 nm) Gold on Carbon Specimen
These premier and carefully made specimens are for resolution testing in the SEM equipped with tungsten, Lab6 or field emission gun (e.g. FEG) emitters. Small and large gold islands provide a variety of gap sizes for both medium and high resolution testing. The high atomic number of gold, and the high secondary electron emissions characteristics make this literally the idea specimen for this kind of instrument performance checking. The SPI Gold on Carbon samples are also an excellent way to judge image quality in the backscattered electron (BSE) detection mode.

For some, at least physically, the most important question, to them, is just what the differences are between these samples in terms of particle size. So while it is the spaces between individual particles that people actually use, since so many people do want to know "particle size", we give that information here, but only because the information is asked for, not because it has any particular meaning in terms of the use of these calibration products.

Physical appearance:
The SPI Supplies Brand gold on carbon test specimens are produced on substrates which are approximately 2 mm thick. We appreciate the problems which this causes when one is trying to work with thinner materials, but we have found that we need to keep the thickness of the substrate constant in order to get the proper distribution of the gold particles which make up the sample. We could mount the sample on a grooved mount of your choice which would reduce the discrepancy to approximately 500 Ám, if specified in your order, but for some, a mount with this modification might not fit into their specimen holder.

Nominal particle sizes:

1-10 nm

3-30 nm

5-100 nm

Now the actual particle size ranges widely from these nominal values, so that the large sample may have particles as large as 200 nm and as small as 10 nm, and the "nominal" size is really only to help visualize the differences.

Ordering hints:
Please specify the type of SEM mount desired. Three "standard" cylindrical shaped mounts are available for off-the-shelf shipment. See our SEM mounts section for other mount geometries that might be required and let us quote special prices.


Table dia.: 9.5 - Height: 9.5mm

Gold SizeSPI #EachIn Stock
Small 1501GS-AB $266.64 Add to cartNo
Medium 1501GM-AB   266.64 Add to cartNo
Large 1501GL-AB   266.64 Add to cartNo
Set of 3 1501SML-AB506.60 Add to cartNo


Table dia.: 15mm - Height: 10mm

Gold SizeSPI #EachIn Stock
Small 1504GS-AB $266.64 Add to cartNo
Medium 1504GM-AB   266.64 Add to cartNo
Large 1504GL-AB   266.64 Add to cartNo
Set of 3 1504SML-AB 506.60 Add to cartNo


Table dia.: 25.4mm - Height 20mm

Gold SizeSPI #EachIn Stock
Small 1510GS-AB $266.64 Add to cartNo
Medium 1510GM-AB   266.64 Add to cartNo
Large 1510GL-AB   266.64 Add to cartNo
Set of 3 1510SML-AB 506.60 Add to cartNo


Table dia.: 12.7mm - Pin Dia.: 3.2mm - Pin length: 8.0mm

Gold SizeSPI #EachIn Stock
Small 1506GS-AB $266.64 Add to cartNo
Medium 1506GM-AB   266.64 Add to cartNo
Large 1506GL-AB   266.64 Add to cartNo
Set of 3 1506SML-AB 506.60 Add to cartNo


Table dia.: 12.7mm - Pin dia.: 3.2mm - Pin length: 15.0mm

Gold SizeSPI #EachIn Stock
Small 1509GS-AB $266.64 Add to cartNo
Medium 1509GM-AB   266.64 Add to cartNo
Large 1509GL-AB   266.64 Add to cartNo
Set of 3 1509SML-AB 506.60 Add to cartNo


Table dia.: 25 mm - Pin dia.: 3.2mm - Pin length: 15.0mm

Gold SizeSPI #EachIn Stock
Small 1506AGS-AB $266.64 Add to cartNo
Medium 1506AGM-AB   266.64 Add to cartNo
Large 1506AGL-AB   266.64 Add to cartNo
Set of 3 1506ASML-AB 506.60 Add to cartNo


Table dia.: 26 mm diameter threaded; Pin length: 15.0mm

Gold SizeSPI #EachIn Stock
Small 1575GS-AB $266.64 Add to cartYes
Medium 1575GM-AB   266.64 Add to cartNo
Large 1575GL-AB   266.64 Add to cartNo
Set of 3 1575SML-AB 506.60 Add to cartNo

Unmounted, or mounted on the mount of your choice

Gold SizeSPI #EachIn Stock
Small 1500GS-AB $266.64 Add to cartNo
Medium 1500GM-AB   266.64 Add to cartNo
Large 1500GL-AB   266.64 Add to cartNo
Set of 3 1500SML-AB 506.60 Add to cartNo

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