SPI Standards for Microanalysis
15 Rare Earth Elements

Pure elements or compounds carefully selected for their stability


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1. Yttrium metal Y 6. Samarium metal Sm 11. Holmium metal Ho
2. Lanthanum fluoride LaF3 7. Europium fluoride EuF3 12. Erbium metal Er
3. Cerium fluoride CeF3 8. Gadolinium metal Gd 13. Thulium metal Tm
4. Praseodymium fluoride PrF3 9. Terbium metal Tb 14. Ytterbium metal Yb
5. Neodymium fluoride NdF3 10. Dysprosium metal Dy 15.Lutetium fluoride LuF3
The SPI Supplies Fifteen Rare Earth Element Standard is mounted within a 1" (25 mm) diameter x 6 mm high disk, creating a mount that is UHV compatible and can be used with confidence in any UHV system. The mounts are carbon-coated providing conductivity from the metal or fluoride grains to electrical ground. Like all the other SPI standard mounts, there is a Faraday cup (FC) for the precise measurement of beam current.

The same items can be obtained in a half inch (12.5mm) diameter mount.

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15 Rare Earth Standard Mount 25mm diameter x 6 mm high 02754-AB $2185.00 Add to cart No
15 Rare Earth Standard Mount 12.5mm diameter x 4 mm high 02755-AB   2576.40 Add to cart No

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