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SPI Nylon® Grid Mesh

Make your own Nylon grids from the same high quality mesh used by SPI for making carbon coated Nylon TEM grids


This is the special high quality, high purity Nylon grid mesh from which the SPI Carbon Coated Nylon Grids are made. The mesh itself is made of highly uniform monofilaments that are smooth and regular, and free of sharp protruberances that would otherwise puncture a thin film sample. Note: The Nylon monofilament fiber does contain a low level of titanium dioxide, so users can expect to see some low intensity X-ray lines from Ti. An uncoated Nylon grid punched from this mesh would be unacceptablely non-conductive in the typical TEM, therefore, SPI evaporates a layer of carbon to impart surface conductivity to the grid's surface as part of our standard production procedure. When used in a conventional SEM, the Nylon mesh would have to be metallized (e.g. with gold) for sufficient conductivity, however with an environmental SEM such as ESEM®, there is a much lessened need for applying a conductive coating.

Presently, the Nylon mesh is available in only one mesh size as a standard product, however, upon special request, we could provide other mesh sizes.

Tell us what you need and we can respond with prices.

Mesh: 180 (lines/inch)
Open area: 47%
Monofilament diameter: 82 µm
Pitch (repeat distance): 141 µm
Grid square size: ~ 59 µm
Thickness: 135 µm

Mesh SizeSPI #EachIn Stock
180 Nylon 1" (2.54 cm) square418NM-AB$9.32 Add to cartYes
6" (15.25 cm) square 418NM-AG20.97 Add to cartYes

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