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# AS8190-AB

Thallium Bromide-Iodide


ElementWt % HalideWt %
Br 10.77TlBr 38.32
I 23.63TlI 61.68
Tl 65.60

Sum100.0 Sum100.0

2mm (approx) red cubes
Atomergic Chemetals Corp.

Poliished Thallium Bromide Iodide in 02753-AB mount
Thallium is rare heavy metal which in the native state reacts strongly with air. Bromine and iodine are volatile in the elemental state. This special synthetic material gives an excellent standard for all three elements in a robust stable form. This is the eutectic composition (42 Mole % TlBr, 58 Mole % TlI), also used commercially for infrared optics.

Name Description SPI # Each
Thallium Bromide-Iodide SPI SuppliesŪ Individual Mounted Microanalysis Standard Item AS8190-AB $
Thallium Bromide-Iodide SPI SuppliesŪ Individual Loose Microanalysis Standard Item AS8195-AB $

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