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# AS2110-AB

Indium Phosphide


ElementWt %
P 21.25
In 78.75


1.7mm cubes
Source: Imanco

Polished InP in 02757-AB mount
This is a reflected light micrograph of polished, carbon coated synthetic indium phosphide crystals. The identifying etched label, which is a feature of our standards, is invaluable for navigating in an electron beam instrument. There are no minerals containing significant amounts of indium for use as a standard, besides which indium is very soft and difficult to prepare in a polished mount. Phosphorus is an element which oxidizes easily and so is unsuitable for mounting and polishing. But the compound, InP, widely used in the semi-conductor business, contains both these elements in major amounts, and is stable and easily polished. hence its presence in this set.

Name Description SPI # Each
Indium Phosphide SPI SuppliesŪ Individual Mounted Microanalysis Standard Item AS2110-AB $
Indium Phosphide SPI SuppliesŪ Individual Loose Microanalysis Standard Item AS2115-AB $

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