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Standards in the Charles M. Taylor NIST Group


Items on this list are certified by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology.

From the combined standards library of SPI Supplies and the C. M. Taylor Company.
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Glass SRMs are listed in the "Glass" group.
The items are arranged in numerical order.

Name Formula SPI SuppliesŪ
Mounted Item #
Each Buy for mount SPI SuppliesŪ
Loose Item #
Each Buy loose
SRM1110 Red Brass Cu85Zn15* AS9290-AB $178.60 AS9295-AB $207.48
SRM1118 Aluminum Brass Cu75Zn22Al3* AS9300-AB $178.60 AS9305-AB $207.48
SRM1122 Beryllium-Copper Cu97Be2* AS9310-AB $178.60 AS9315-AB $207.48
SRM1131 Solder Sn40Pb60 Pb60Sn40* AS9320-AB $178.60 AS9325-AB $207.48
SRM1134 High Silicon Steel Fe96Si3* AS9330-AB $178.60 AS9335-AB $207.48
SRM1135 High Silicon Steel Fe97Si3* AS9340-AB $178.60 AS9345-AB $207.48
SRM1157 Steel Fe81W6Mo5Cr4V2C1* AS9360-AB $178.60 AS9365-AB $207.48
SRM1158 INVAR Fe63Ni36* AS9370-AB $178.60 AS9375-AB $207.48
SRM1208-1 Inco 718 Ni52Fe19Cr18Nb5Mo3* AS9380-AB $178.60 AS9385-AB $207.48
SRM1244 Nickel-Chromium Alloy Ni73Cr16Fe10* AS9390-AB $178.60 AS9395-AB $207.48
SRM1258 Aluminum Alloy 6011 Al96Zn1Mg1Cu1Si1* AS9400-AB $178.60 AS9405-AB $207.48
SRM1259 Aluminum Alloy 7075 Al90Zn5Mg2Cu2* AS9410-AB $178.60 AS9415-AB $207.48
SRM1267 Steel Fe74Cr24Si1* AS9420-AB $178.60 AS9425-AB $207.48
SRM160b Stainless Steel Fe64Cr18Ni12Mo2Mn1* AS9020-AB $178.60 AS9025-AB $207.48
SRM478 Cartridge Brass (cast) Cu73Zn27* AS9040-AB $178.60 AS9045-AB $207.48
SRM478 Cartridge Brass (wrought) Cu73Zn27* AS9030-AB $178.60 AS9035-AB $207.48
SRM479 Fe-Cr-Ni Alloy Fe71Cr18Ni11* AS9050-AB $178.60 AS9055-AB $207.48
SRM480 Tungsten 20% Molybdenum Alloy W79Mo22* AS9060-AB $178.60 AS9065-AB $207.48
SRM481A Gold-Silver Wires Au100* AS9070-AB $178.60 AS9075-AB $207.48
SRM481B Gold-Silver Wires Au80Ag20* AS9080-AB $178.60 AS9085-AB $207.48
SRM481C Gold-Silver Wires Au60Ag40* AS9090-AB $178.60 AS9095-AB $207.48
SRM481D Gold-Silver Wires Au40Ag60* AS9100-AB $178.60 AS9105-AB $207.48
SRM481E Gold-Silver Wires Au20Ag80* AS9110-AB $178.60 AS9115-AB $207.48
SRM481F Gold-Silver Wires Ag100* AS9120-AB $178.60 AS9125-AB $207.48
SRM482A Gold-Copper Wires Au100* AS9130-AB $178.60 AS9135-AB $207.48
SRM482B Gold-Copper Wires Au80Cu20* AS9140-AB $178.60 AS9145-AB $207.48
SRM482C Gold-Copper Wires Au60Cu40* AS9150-AB $178.60 AS9155-AB $207.48
SRM482D Gold-Copper Wires Au40Cu60* AS9160-AB $178.60 AS9165-AB $207.48
SRM482E Gold-Copper Wires Au20Cu80* AS9170-AB $178.60 AS9175-AB $207.48
SRM482F Gold-Copper Wires Cu100* AS9180-AB $178.60 AS9185-AB $207.48
SRM610 500ppm Trace Element Glass O45Si33Na10Ca8Al1* AS9190-AB $357.20 AS9195-AB $414.96
SRM612 50ppm Trace Element Glass O46Si34Na11Ca8Al1* AS9200-AB $357.20 AS9205-AB $414.96
SRM614 1ppm Trace Element Glass O46Si34Na10Ca9Al1* AS9210-AB $357.20 AS9215-AB $414.96
SRM629 Zinc-base Die-casting Alloy E Zn93Al5Cu2* AS9220-AB $178.60 AS9225-AB $207.48
SRM654a Titanium Alloy Ti90Al6V4* AS9230-AB $178.60 AS9235-AB $207.48
SRM661 AISI 4340 Steel Fe96Ni2Cr1Mn1* AS9240-AB $178.60 AS9245-AB $207.48
SRM662 AISI 94B17 Steel Fe95Mn1Ni1Cu1* AS9250-AB $178.60 AS9255-AB $207.48
SRM663 Steel Fe95Mn2Cr1Si1C1* AS9260-AB $178.60 AS9265-AB $207.48
SRM664 High Carbon Steel Fe97C1* AS9270-AB $178.60 AS9275-AB $207.48
SRM665 Electrolytic Iron Fe100* AS9280-AB $178.60 AS9285-AB $207.48
SRM93a Borosilicate Glass O54Si38B4Na3Al1* AS9010-AB $357.20 AS9015-AB $414.96
SRMC1101 Cartridge Brass Cu70Zn30* AS9430-AB $178.60 AS9435-AB $207.48
* This indicates the approximate weight percentages of the major elements rather than the chemical formula.


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