Considerations regarding DYOS

Things you should take into account when designing your custom standard
  • When selecting a mount layout, the holes should be big enough to accomodate the grain size of the items selected. Details of this dimension are shown for each item. This forms the practical upper limit to the number of items which can be mounted on any layout.
  • When the selected list of items requires more than one layout, it is recommended that like materials be grouped together for ease of maintenance. For example, glasses group well with synthetic materials and minerals; metals are more sensitive to the presence of sulfides.
  • Items which are water soluble cannot be mounted and polished because of corrosion problems. These will only be sold as loose grains.
  • All SPI microanalysis standards are mounted in stainless steel. Epoxy, copper-filled epoxy, brass and aluminum are available as alternate base materials. Please contact SPI Supplies for further details.
  • We welcome inquiries for options we have not listed.
  • If you have rigid delivery requirements, be sure to inform us when you place your order, as each DYOS standard has to be custom manufactured from scratch.

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