Standards for Microanalysis containing Chlorine

Occurrences of Cl in the combined standards library of the C. M. Taylor Company and SPI Supplies


Chlorine containing materials occur in the standard groups listed below.
Follow these links for a list of the members of each group

Group Group Group
Natural Minerals NIST Standard Reference Materials Synthetic compounds

Click on a name for details and picture of each Chlorine bearing material.
If the same material occurs more than once, there may be differences in composition or grain size.

Name Formula Chlorine Wt % SPI SuppliesŪ
Mounted Item #
Each Buy for mount SPI SuppliesŪ
Loose Item #
Each Buy loose
Sodium Chloride NaCl 60.66 This item is not suitable for mounting AS8155-AB $207.48
Potassium Chloride KCl 47.56 This item is not suitable for mounting AS8105-AB $207.48
Rubidium Hexachlorostannate Rb2SnCl6 42.34 AS8230-AB $178.60 AS8235-AB $207.48
Rubidium Hexachloroplatinate Rb2PtCl6 36.76 AS8210-AB $178.60 AS8215-AB $207.48
Rubidium Chloride RbCl 29.32 This item is not suitable for mounting AS8125-AB $207.48
Silver Chloride AgCl 24.74 This item is not suitable for mounting AS8145-AB $207.48
Thallium Chloride TlCl 14.78 AS8200-AB $178.60 AS8205-AB $207.48
Tugtupite Na4BeAlSi4O12Cl 7.58 AS1370-AB $178.60 AS1375-AB $207.48
Obsidian Na,K,Al,Fe silicate glass 0.36 AS1250-AB $178.60 AS1255-AB $207.48
SRM93a Borosilicate Glass O54Si38B4Na3Al1* 0.060 AS9010-AB $357.20 AS9015-AB $414.96
SRM610 500ppm Trace Element Glass O45Si33Na10Ca8Al1* 0.047 AS9190-AB $357.20 AS9195-AB $414.96
SRM612 50ppm Trace Element Glass O46Si34Na11Ca8Al1* 0.02 AS9200-AB $357.20 AS9205-AB $414.96
* This indicates the approximate weight percentages of the major elements rather than the chemical formula.


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