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What the GSR Sampler is Expected to Do:

The purpose of the gun shot residue (GSR) sampler is to obtain gunshot residue samples from a person suspected of recently discharging a firearm. The residue consists of sub-microscopic particles and can be deposited on the shooter's hand, face, clothing or hair. Residue amounts depend on the type, caliber, and condition of the weapon or ammunition used, as well as the environmental conditions at the time of the fire arm discharge.

Are all GSR Samplers the same?

Absolutely not! There is a large variation in quality, reliability and control. The SEMOPTICS Samplers and Kits offered by SPI Supplies are for Case Work and are designed for acceptance in court room settings. While they can also be used for investigative examinations, we want to stress that the SEMOPTICS Samplers and Kits were designed specifically for police type work. They have built into them of controls one would expect for this kind of application. These Samplers and Kits should not be confused with cheaper samplers and kits that do not meet the test for submission in evidence in a court of law.

Kits not designed for court room use typically use a 1/2" (12.5 mm) round SEM mount. The SEMOPTICS Samplers feature the required 25 mm SEM mount forcourt room use. Also the use of 3M 465 or 415 tape on the SEM mount on the SEMOPTICS Samplers a total of 8 "tamps" or "samples" can be taken before the sticky surface begins to lose particles. Other double sided conductive carbon adhesive, and only one or two "tamps" can be taken, resulting in far fewer particles collected and available for analysis. The larger 1" (25.4 mm) total area of the SEMOPTICS Samplers, leaves the outside 10% of the tape to be not sampled, thereby reducing possible contamination from the investigator during the conduct of the sampling.

Some samplers on the commercial market require the investigator to apply the sticky surface to the mount in the field. Others require the application of isopropyl alcohol in order to activate the sticky surface. We do not offer such samplers because of the likelihood of contamination and the difficulty on the part of the investigator, in a court room setting to prove that contamination did not occur at this critical step of the process.

The SEMOPTICS samplers stand out from other alternatives in several ways. The metal used for the SEM mount is a special "forensic" alloy which means the alloy used is free of the important elements of GSR analysis. The alloy is assay certified from a chemical laboratory as to the actual composition of that particular batch of aluminum.

A unique numbering system of the SEM mounts

Each sampler and kit is uniquely numbered, (based on a date code). This allows for full documentation and traceability for each and every SEM mount that is analyzed for the GSR analysis.

Components of the SEMOPTICS GSR Sampler:

The basic elements of a GSR sampler are a vial containing an adhesive coated aluminum SEM mount mounted on a molded elastomeric (rubber) stopper. The adhesive has been applied So there is a bare portion left on the SEM mount for the analyst to apply identification codes (if appropriate) and provide an area for electrical contact for an evaporated carbon coating.

The aluminum SEM mount is precision machined to very close tolerances so that multi-stub examination may be made in the SEM without refocussing and to facilitate automatic examination and analysis if the SEM being used has installed stage automation.

The molded elastomeric stopper has been designed to make an effective airtight seal to the clear plastic vial. It has also been designed so the investigator's hands while using the sampler, do not come into contact with the clean pristine adhesive surface. The stopper is flexible over a wide range of temperatures and for use in cold environments.

A pair of special SEM Mount GSR Tweezers can be used to easily pick up the SEM mount.

Shelf life considerations and storage conditions:

The adhesive system used has been selected in part because of its long shelf life, which rated by the manufacturer of the adhesive to be 10 years when stored at room temperature. The powder-free vinyl gloves included with the kit are also warranted for 10 years.

Some final comments:

Remember that all SEMOPTICS GSR Sampling units and kits are assembled under class 100 conditions using the latest technology in clean benches. The SEM mounts are also washed and dried under the same Class 100 conditions. From beginning to end of the process including final packaging, everything is done under Class 100 conditions.

Validation of Class 100 conditions:

A nationally recognized laboratory conducts analysis on the SEM mounts on a quarterly basis, looking specifically for the elements generally analyzed for in a GSR analysis, namely Bi, Sb, In, Cu and Fe. For this sampling units and kits are more expensive. Class100 processing adds to cost.


Standard products:

Alignable 1" SEM mount with sticky
surface, precision fit plastic cover
SPI #EachIn Stock
Each Sampler Units01495-AB$9.67 Add to cartYes
Pk (10) Sampler Units01495-BA  78.80 Add to cartYes
Pk (100) Sampler Units01495-MB  630.42 Add to cartNo
Pk (500) Sampler Units
Not eligible for flat rate shipping programs
01495-RA 2915.66 Add to cartNo

SEMOPTICS GSR Basic Sampler Kit,
Two sampler units as described above,
in a single blister box for
immediate one-time use in the field.
Reuseable tamper-evident mailer bag not included.
Each GSR Basic Sampler Kit01496-AB      20.94 Add to cartYes
Pk (10) 01496-BA    170.48 Add to cartNo
Pk (100)01496-MB  1363.86 Add to cartNo
Pk (500)
Not eligible for flat rate shipping programs
01496-RA  6307.89 Add to cartNo

SEMOPTICS GSR Complete Two Sampler Kit,
Two Sampler Units, as above,
plus 1 pair powder free vinyl based gloves (size XL),
labels and instructions and complete with reuseable tamper-evident mailer bag.
Each GSR Complete Two Sampler Kit01497-AB      31.81 Add to cartYes
Pk (10) 01497-BA    258.88 Add to cartNo
Pk (100)01497-MB  2071.06 Add to cartNo
Pk (500)
Not eligible for flat rate shipping programs
01497-RA  9578.65 Add to cartNo

SEMOPTICS GSR Complete Four Sampler Kit,
Four Sampler Units, as above, packaged in
two blister packs of two samplers each,
plus 1 pair powder free vinyl based gloves (size XL),
labels and instructions and complete with reuseable tamper-evident mailer bag.
Each GSR Complete Four Sampler Kit01498-AB      49.21 Add to cartYes
Pk (10) 01498-BA    400.83 Add to cartNo
Pk (100)01498-MB  3206.60 Add to cartNo
Pk (500)
Not eligible for flat rate shipping programs
01498-RA14830.56 Add to cartNo

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