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SPI-Pore™ Silver Membrane Media

Some special comments directed to SEM applications

The silver membrane filter, after the particulates to be examined have been collected, and if from a liquid, allowed to dry, has to be mounted on an SEM mount. We would recommend against using silver paint, because the liquid, by capillary action, would "wick" up into the membrane, possibly changing some of the collected particulates or at the very least, confusing the observation of the particulates by contaminating the collected particulates with silver colloid.

Instead we would recommend using the SPI Supplies brand double sided conductive adhesive tape or the SPI Supplies brand double sided conductive adhesive carbon discs.

Asymmetric membranes:
The two sides of the membranes are not the same. One side is clearly "shinny" and the other has a more "dull" appearance. And the two sides have definitely different surface properties. For applications in SEM, we believe that most users will get better results using the shinny side. But for x-ray diffraction and other applications, the dull side is generally preferred.

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