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We present here a collection of the worlds finest quality supplies for both electron and light metallography. The standards required for the conduct of electron metallography are clearly higher than those for routine light metallography, simply because with the SEM (or TEM or SPM), one has far higher resolution capabilities and also the ability to conduct very sensitive chemical analyses. And if one is not careful, their data can be easily tainted with contaminants from the products used to polish the surface being viewed. While we can not guarantee that you will see no residues, we can assure you that the products have been carefully selected to be ones that will give the absolute minimum if any difficulty in this regard.

Abrasive Belts and Discs

Desiccant Systems

Mounting Resins, Release Agents, Lapping Vehicles

Polishing Compounds (Diamond and alumina)

Polishing Cloths

Polishing Misc.