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SPI Conductive Silver Epoxy

Technical information

The SPI #05000 formulated silver epoxy is mixed at a non-critical 1 to 1 ratio by weight or volume, and it will provide a quick conductive bond at or above room temperature. Typical cure times are approximately 4 hours at 75°C.

Note: Do not try to cure below 75°F/24°C. Small amounts can take several hours to cure at room temperature. Cure times can be accelerated by heating. For the fastest curing times, maximum conductivity and adhesion, heat the bond to between 175° - 250°F (79° - 121°C) for 10 minutes and allow to cool. Cured #05000 silver epoxy typically exhibits resistivity as low as 0.01 ohm-cm and resists most common laboratory solvents. Working temperature range is -131° to 212°F (-55° to 100°C). Typical working pot life is 10 minutes from mixing.

Off-gassing: Best result are obtained by spreading out the paste as a thin film, or as thin as one can use to accomplish the job at hand. Thicker layers require longer times to off-gas, thinner layers less time. If the sample can stand it, a brief exposure at some higher-than-room temperature will cause the last bit of curing to take place, improving greatly the high vacuum compatibility characteristics.

Special notice:This product is sold for industrial and research use only, especially for the mounting of specimens for electron microscopy, specifically for scanning electron microscopy (SEM). There are of course numerous other potential applications for the SPI #5000-AB Conductive Silver Epoxy, however, it will be the responsibility of the customer to determine the suitability of this product for any other application.

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