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Gelatin Capsules

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Gelatin Capsules
gelatin capsules Empty gelatin capsules have many uses around a microscopy laboratory and are often times perceived as a lower cost alternative to BEEM® capsules. These small empty gelatin capsules are a handy and economical alternative to BEEM capsules. Use these pharmaceutical grade, hard capsules as an embedding mold when very small volumes are being used and/or when light transmission is needed. When ready for removal, the embedment can be separated from the gelatin capsule by dissolution.

These empty gelatin capsules can be used as a low volume embedding mold for embedding resins, something especially valuable for those embedding resins that are on the expensive side of the norm. And of course they are transparent to both visible and UV light, so that they can be used with resins such as SPI-Chem™ Low Acid GMA, Lowicryl™, LR White™, and Unicryl™.

Storage and shipment of fragile parts:
The SPI Supplies Brand of empty gelatin capsules are widely used for the shipment and storage of fragile items, and represent a lower cost alternative to the well-known membrane boxes.

Encapsulation of drugs and plant nutrients:

These are the same capsules widely used throughout the pharmaceutical industry and are considered "pharmaceutical grade". However, SPI Supplies is not registered with the US Food and Drug Administration and therefore can not sell these gelatin capsules for applications involving pharmaceutical or clinical usage. These capsules are not for human consumption.

The gelatin capsules featured by SPI are known for their rapid dissolution properties, 90 seconds in water at 37° C/98.6° F. For further information read more about the SPI Supplies Brand of Gelatin capsules here.

All sizes of what we call "small" capsules are packaged in bags of 1000.

SPI #Each Pk(1000)In Stock
00026.149.551.3702303-SS$63.00 Add to cartYes
0023.308.180.9502302-SS  38.00 Add to cartYes
021.207.340.6802304-SS  28.00 Add to cartYes
119.006.630.5002306-SS  27.00 Add to cartYes
217.506.070.3702317-SS  27.00 Add to cartYes
315.505.560.3002307-SS  27.00 Add to cartYes
413.905.050.2102308-SS  27.00 Add to cartYes

Large capsules

Select from this range of empty hard gelatin capsules with a snap-action locking ring built right into its design. Any kind of fragile material, even small parts from microscopes or other instruments, can be very inexpensively stored and sometimes even shipped in these large capsules. Packaged in convenient to use packs of 50 capsules each.

Length mm
Diameter mm
Cap ml
Length mm
SPI #Each Pk(50)In Stock
size Su 07
Su 07
86.523.42892.502321-FA$54.12 Add to cartYes
size 07
7823.4248202322-FA  50.09 Add to cartYes
size 10
6423.41869.002323-FA  48.06 Add to cartYes
size 11
47.520.91051.502324-FA  44.06 Add to cartYes
size 12
40.515.3544.502325-FA  36.05 Add to cartYes
size 13
13  30.05 Add to cartYes

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