Carbon Paint and Paste

Explanation of Hazardous Labels

SPI Supplies® Brand Conductive Carbon Paint

with easy to use brush-in-cap

This is the biggest selling carbon paint for SEM labs. The micrographite particles are uniformly dispersed in isopropanol and air-dry rapidly at room temperature. Although there are some low level impurities, these are generally not seen by most energy dispersive x-ray spectroscopy (EDS) systems. The SPI Supplies Brand carbon paint is very easy to use with our exclusive brush-in-cap applicator. And the SPI Carbon Paint is formulated with a small amount of a special polymer to give extra adhesive characteristics to the paint. If the carbon paint should dry out, it can be resuspended with our SPI Carbon Paint Thinner. The SPI Supplies Brand of carbon paint products has an essentially infinite shelf life and we will guarantee the product's integrity in the unopened state as long as is need for the our customer's use date. No one else makes that kind of a claim.

While the SPI Carbon Paint was originally formulated for use with the electron microscopy application, it is apparently finding use in other applications as well. However before making such use in other applications, be sure to be aware of some of the other characteristics of this product. And be sure to do your own extensive testing to assure the long term suitability of this product for your application. For bulk users for use in other applications, or for SEM users refilling old bottles to save money, consider our bulk purchase sizes.

MSDS Thinner for Leit-C CCC

SPI Supplies® Brand Carbon Paint

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hazard OK-SPI 3/4 fl.oz. (21 ml)05006-AB$9.18 Add to cartYes

MSDS Thinner for Leit-C CCC

SPI Supplies® Brand Carbon Paint Thinner

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Storage Conditions: Room temperture
Non-hazardous from stand point of shipping

SPI Supplies® Brand Carbon Paste

Use for porous samples or any other samples that could be liquid damaged

Conductive Carbon Paste

SPI Conductive Carbon Paste is a highly viscous formulation of micrographite in a liquid carrier (some would say "solvent", but it is not really a solvent) for the preparation of porous samples destined for x-ray analysis (EDS). For samples like paper, thin fibers and fabrics, the higher viscosity of the paste relative to the SPI Carbon Paint, results in far less potential for artifacts due to solvent exposure and solvent "wicking" up into the sample to be studied. Of course another alternative to consider, when mounting these kinds of samples, would be the popular double sided conductive adhesive tapes, sheets, and discs.

Conductivity considerations:

Obviously, the carbon paste is less conductive than silver paste, however, when used in the SEM applications, and with micromicro amps of current, the difference in conductivity between the silver vs. carbon paste is far less than one might otherwise expect. What we mean is, while the silver does give a better result, most users find the incremental improvement, while present, is less than one might expect. We do not at the present time have actual resistivity values for this product.

Product purity:

The carbon paste, while not spectroscopically pure, is nevertheless, pure enough so that for most users, one does not see any impurity elements from the paste, unless the electron beam is directly focussed onto the paste itself.

The product, when analyzed for impurities, shows less than 10 ppm ash and in most instances, no impurities are detectable by most energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS) systems. We would point out however, that we consider the critical impurities in this kind of product, from a production standpoint, to be silicon and sulfur. And we can report that both are below the 10 ppm level. Other impurities, so far as we can determine, are all at or below ppm levels in the single digits.

MSDS Thinner for Leit-C CCC

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Storage Conditions: Room temperture

LEIT-C™ Conductive Carbon Cement and Thinner

LEIT-C Conductive Carbon Cement and Thinner

Leit-C™ CCC Conductive Carbon Cement is electrically conductive, and was formulated specifically for the mounting of samples for examination by SEM.

Because of its electrical conductivity, all samples are ready for insertion into the SEM immediately after drying of the product. If it is a non-conductive specimen, then there is the strong likelihood that some kind of metallization would be preformed on the sample, such as by sputter coating or if a FESEM is being used, possibly even by osmium coating.

The Leit-C CCC conductive adhesive contains only carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, therefore after drying, there would be no peaks detected by EDS other than the three elements, even with windowless detectors. If the entire specimen holder is "painted" with CCC, the cement will mask the holder and in general, one does not detect x-rays from the holder itself and would could interfere with x-rays from the specimen itself.

Some Additional Information:

The product is considered air drying and the application of heat is not necessary. For use in a UHV system, so long as it will not change the sample itself, a bake out can be done up to 100�C. Going to higher temperatures should cause degredation of the small amount of acrylic polymer binder present. Also, as one uses the product, and there is evaporation of the carrier, addition of the special thinner will enable the user to maintain constant viscosity and carbon solids.

Choice of Thinners:

We offer a choice of thinners, one being the "official" thinner formulated by the manufacturer of the Leit-C CCC adhesive product, and a second (and less expensive) one formulated by SPI Supplies.

MSDS Leit-C CCC Adhesive

Leit-C CCC "Conductive Carbon Cement" Adhesive

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hazard OK-SPI 30gm05055-AB$57.00 Add to cartYes

MSDS Leit-C CCC Thinner

Leit-C CCC Thinner

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hazard OK-SPI 30ml05056-AB$13.00 Add to cartYes

MSDS Thinner for Leit-C CCC

SPI Chem™ Thinner for Leit-C CCC Adhesive

SizeSPI #EachIn StockLeit-C CCC Adhesive
hazard OK-SPI 30ml05075-AB$10.61 Add to cartYes

Storage Conditions: Room temperture
Leit C Adhesive: Non-hazardous from stand point of shipping
Thinners: Hazardous from the standpoint of shipping