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SPI Conductive Silver Epoxy Kit

Conductive Silver Epoxy Kit and Blender Tool A complete set of
easy to follow application and mixing instructions accompanies each kit. Mix by kneading. A well mixed system seems to be quite stable in ordinary SEM vacuum and there have been reports of use in UHV systems, provided the two components are very well mixed during preparation. One important characteristic of the product is the ability to reproduce within fairly narrow limits the properties of the cured adhesive. The 2.5g amount per pouch is the minimum amount needed to ensure uniform mixing of the epoxy components.

This two part silver epoxy is an electrically conductive silver filled epoxy adhesive recommended for a wide range of electronic bonding and sealing applications that require a combination of good mechanical and electrical properties. This two part smooth paste formulation of refined pure silver and epoxy is free of solvents and copper or carbon additives. It develops strong bonds and coating between many different and dissimilar materials such as metals, ceramics, glass and plastic laminates. SPI # 05062 Two Part Silver Epoxy cures at room temperature and can be used as a "cold solder" for heat sensitive components where hot soldering is impractical. It also can be used for the assembly and repair of electrical modules, printed circuit boards, wave guides, flat cable and high frequency shields. This adhesive complies with the requirements of NASA's Outgassing Specification. There are also several important applications for the typical SEM laboratory. For example, this special silver filled epoxy is perfect for fastening down a sputter coater cathode to the head. And it is the ideal adhesive, when strength is really needed, for mounting a valuable or heavy sample onto a small (in comparison) SEM mount prior to analysis.

2.5 g single use pouches

Silver Epoxy (05062-AB)
DescriptionSizeSPI #Each10+, EachIn Stock
Silver Epoxy2.5gm05062-AB$75.00$67.50 Add to cartYes

Storage conditions: Refrigerated storage recommended
Non-hazardous from stand point of shipping

SPI Fast Setting Conductive Silver Epoxy

Used for very rapid and fast mounting of samples for SEM examination, this two part, quick set conductive epoxy has many other uses around the typical EM lab as well including repair of PC boards. Even outside the EM laboratory, this silver epoxy is ideal for bonding heat sensitive components including solderless surface mount connectors, die attach, static discharge and grounding. The system bonds quickly to a variety of different materials ranging from solder alloys, aluminum, copper, glass, all the way over to plastics such as a Mylar® sheet or film. The kit's small size keeps it convenient to have around, and also, one can purchase a kit for a relatively small amount of money. If you are not sure about a specific applications, check out the technical information sheet.
Silver Epoxy
SizeSPI #EachIn Stock
0.5 oz05000-AB$ 116.50 Add to cartYes

Storage conditions:
Refrigerated storage recommended
Non-hazardous from stand point of shipping

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