YAG Single Crystal Scintillator

Converting from P-47?

If you select YAP, there is no need to change the PMT! Yes, that is right, you pay a few dollars more for the scintillator, but you save the cost of a PMT replacement.

Use YAP and no need to change the PMT!

The best of both worlds: Emission characteristics of a P47 - using the same photomultiplier - plus the durability of the YAG! Made of yttrium aluminum perovskite, the YAP single crystal is a breakthrough in the light output efficiency. Its emitted spectrum peaks at 378nm (close to the S-11's maximum sensitivity), meaning your SEM does not have to be refitted with a more sensitive photomultiplier. And because the decay time of the YAP crystal is faster than the YAG crystal (40ns vs. 80ns), overall performance is significantly improved. All YAP scintillators should be aluminumcoated prior to use in an SEM application and therefore, the SPI YAPscintillators come 50 nm aluminum coated as "standard", freeing the customer from the burden of having to apply aluminum and not knowing for sure justhow much to apply. If a YAP is desired without the aluminum coating, be sure to state that you want the scintillator uncoated.

But for many users, the real advantage of the single crystal scintillator is that when compared to P-47, the useful life time is essentially forever, andthat is because of its high resistance to radiation damage. While we can notguarantee it, far more often than not, the scintillator far outlives the useful lifetime of the SEM.

Other important features

Thickness Specifications:

Thickness can be between 0.5 to 1.0mm, because the thickness for SEM application is not important except where specifically noted. For non-SEM applications where a more specific thickness (e.g. 0.5mm) is important, add $ 75.00. Over the years, we have developed a series of Special Use Hints. Just remember that not all scintillators come out of the same "shop" and there is a wide difference in quality. And sometimes in price. You can be sure that the SPI YAG scintillators are the very highest quality available and are the same ones specified by many of the world's leading SEM manufacturers. Still not seeing what you need in the way of information? Try our Frequently Asked Questions about YAG and YAP scintillators.

Just select the scintillator and SPI # that is right for your microscope and that is all there is to it!