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SPI Supplies® Brand Portable Fume Hoods

Based on activated carbon and HEPA filters



Use of the SPI Supplies Brand® of ductless portable fume hoods enable laboratory personnel to work much more safely without exposure to dangerous and toxic fumes, and at the same time, without spending large amount of money to install vents through walls and building roofs, something in leased or rental facilities that might not even be permitted by the building owners. The SPI Supplies Brand of ductless portable fume hoods exceed OSHA, ANSI and all other relevant international standards for worker safety. Nothing is sacrificed when a ductless fume hood is used relative to a conventional (ducted) fume hood.

Who would benefit from having a SPI Supplies Brand of ductless portable fume hoods?
Just about anyone who needs a fume hood. As is the case for conventional (ducted) fume hoods, the SPI hoods can be configured to provide excellent worker protection from all fume and particulate hazards. The hoods are designed for virtually no "bypass leakage" around the filters, which are also very easy to change for new ones. To further protect the worker, there is a low airflow alarm (when the airflow falls to an unacceptable level) and optional back up safety filter. There is a 100 fpm high capacity face velocity (air flow) which is at a level not normally associated with ductless fume hoods.

Every element of the design has been done with safety and ease of maintenance being the highest priorities. All mechanisms in the "head" section (behind the maroon colored plate) are on the "clean" side of the filter, preventing contamination. Switches and electrical components are totally isolated from the dirty airflow and away from any contamination.

The work area has a removable overflow (spillage) tray which can be easily cleaned. Optional additional lighting, which is built into the hoods is always available.

Portability of the fume hoods:
Unlike a conventional fume hood, the ductless SPI Supplies offered units are all completely portable, in that they can, at will, be moved from location to location, to wherever they are needed the most. But some of our hoods are built on a cart with wheels, and we consider them to be even "more" portable and mobile, and we refer to those are "mobile portable ductless fume hoods".

Selection of the right filter:
The main filter can be chosen from 14 different types of carbon, which include specialty filtration media for vapors of organics, solvents, acids, mercury and formaldehyde. HEPA (high particulate efficiency air) filters or particle filtration are also available for customer specific requirements. In addition, the SPI Supplies Brand fume hoods can be optionally backed up with a secondary filter for added protection.
Note: This secondary back up filter is required for compliance with ANSI Z9.5 section

Typical applications:
Weighing, chemical sampling, chemical preparation such as in an electron microscopy or histology laboratory, forensic and pharmaceutical applications.

Efficient and economical:
All of the SPI Supplies Brand ductless fume hoods use the very latest energy saving technology. Clean air is recirculated into the laboratory, therefore, they do not exhaust expensive air conditioned and/or heated air into the outside atmosphere.

Range of available products:
SPI Supplies can offer those working with dangerous and toxic materials a full range of ductless hoods, all providing excellent protection from the dangerous materials they work with on a daily basis. Because the requirements of our customers vary over such a large range, we offer a range of different hood types and configurations, and designed also for different levels of budget:

Advanced Hoods
Economy Portable Hoods
Mobile Portable Hoods
School Hoods
Downflow Workstations
Ventilated Enclosures
Advanced Hoods
Custom Hoods

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