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Wash Bottle Drawing

What is a venting wash bottle?

This new family of wash bottles has built into the bottle closure a venting assembly that prevents pressure build-up of solvents within the bottle, thereby eliminating solvent drips from the spout due to internal evaporation. We tend to think of it as being similar to any "anti-back-flow" or "anti-suck" value.

The bottles are available labeled for six different solvents plus a generic "label your own bottle". All bottles are packaged three per bag and the prices are therefore, per bag of three bottles.


The bottles are solvent resistant low density polyethylene with polypropylene closures.

These bottles are for dispensing only, not for storage, they should be emptied daily and retained overnight.


500 ml (16 oz.)

Wash Bottle Drawing

Price Per Bag of 3 Bottles

Chemical LabelSPI #Each10+In Stock
Methyl Ethyl KetoneProduct does not exist.
Ethyl Acetate01470-AB35.2831.75 Add to cartYes
Acetone01471-AB33.5130.16 Add to cartYes
Methanol01472-AB34.7531.28 Add to cartYes
Isopropanol01473-AB33.5130.16 Add to cartYes
Ethanol01474-AB29.8726.88 Add to cartYes
Ethanol "LDPE" 01474N-AB34.7531.28 Add to cartNo
Label your own bottle01476-AB33.5130.16 Add to cartYes