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Wash Bottle Drawing

Safety Labeled Chemical Wash Bottles:

Why Use Safety Labelled Bottles?

Eliminate those accidents that come from using mislabeled or an illegibly labelled liquid product in the laboratory and use the range of safety labelled plastic wash bottles. These are of course comfortable "squeeze" bottles made from low density polyethylene and with closures molded from polypropylene. Low density polyethylene is highly resistant to most common laboratory solvents and liquids.

Product Description:

The standard bottles are available in 500 ml (16 oz.) and 1000 ml (32 oz.) sizes and the bottles with the "venting" or "anti-suck" valve are available only in the 500 ml size. In addition to the labeling being silk-screened in bold, eye -catching colored letters, there is also the standard diamond alert symbols to indicate the type of hazard that the bottle contents might present. Bottles are designed with wide mouths for easy and convenient refills.

Auto-venting Valve Concept:

Covered under US Patent #5,125,543, this ingenious two piece venting assembly prevents build-up of solvents within the wash bottle, eliminating solvent drips due to internal evaporation. This feature is available presently only with the 500 ml (16 oz) bottle size.

Correction of a Misimpression:

The auto-venting bottles should not be purchased if your goal is to reduce evaporation! Indeed the valve might even slightly increase the evaporation rate. The real purpose of the bottle, and the purpose for which it was designed and engineered, is to allow the bottle to equalize pressure inside and outside. Users can experience a problem with bottles when there is an increase in pressure outside the bottle (due to temperature changes or simple changes in the barometric pressure due to weather) which can cause the bottle to "drip". The SPI Supplies Auto-venting valve prevents this -- but does it by allowing air in and out of the bottle -- which in effect could increase evaporation.

The second benefit to the SPI Supplies brand auto-venting valve is that it permits the use of the bottle upside down, and still allow for the squirting of liquid from it.