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Chose from several different shapes and types of plastic bottles


SPI Supplies offers a growing family of plastic squeeze bottles for chemical laboratory use. All are constructed of solvent resistant polyethylene and plastics and while such bottles might not last forever (always check plastic bottles with solvent chemicals periodically for signs of leakage), there are no bottles made that have longer useful lifetimes plastic for plastic that these offered by SPI Supplies.

Safety considerations:
We recommend the use of plastic bottles for chemicals and solvents because if dropped, the chances are greatly diminished that the bottle will break and cause a laboratory spill of a potentially dangerous material

Self-Sealing Polyethylene Dispensing Bottles

Polyethylene Safety Wash Bottles

PTFE Storage Bottles

PTFE Dropping Bottles

Safety Labeled Polyethylene Chemical Bottles
Both With and Without Auto-Venting

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