The uniquely designed and engineered Tri-Stir® brand of plastic beaker is, an improved version of the well- known Tri-Pour® Beaker.

The name Tri-Stir was selected to call attention to the flat bottom surface of these plastic beakers which will accept and keep stirring bars centered at the center of the beaker.

The Tri-Stir beaker is not just "another" plastic beaker, it has the following novel and unique advantages over other beakers:

Use in a microwave:
The SPI Tri-Stir plastic beakers are made from pure virgin polypropylene and without additives (of the type that could get hot in a microwave). However, one must take care when using these beakers in a microwave because of the material inside the beaker rises in temperature above the point where damage could be done to the polypropylene beaker, this could lead to the catastrophic failure of the beaker. We feel confident that in most cases, however, one should be able to microwave a liquid inside one of these beakers for 30 seconds without harm to the beaker. But obviously, again, this is going to be highly dependent on the materials inside the beaker if not also the power of the microwave. So our best advice is that if contemplating use in a microwave, use caution and common sense!

Beaker Capacity
Case of 100
SPI #EachIn Stock
50 ml (1.66 fl. oz) 01420-MB$27.41 Add to cartYes
100 ml (3.33 fl. oz) 01421-MB33.26 Add to cartYes
250 ml (8.33 fl. oz) 01422-MB43.09 Add to cartNo
400 ml (13.3 fl. oz) 01423-MB65.39 Add to cartYes
800 ml (26.6 fl. oz) 01424-MB86.00 Add to cartYes
1000 ml (33.3 fl. oz) 01425-MB92.16 Add to cartYes