Negafile® Storage Boxes and Protectors

A stacking storage/filing system for negatives, slides, plates and even grids!


The Negafile storage systems give you the change to bring order to your micrographs and slide, even those that have accumulated over the years. No more cardboard boxes for your valuable slides, negatives plates and grid storage boxes. Give them a home that is dust and moisture free. It's so easy to put together your own filing system from the ground up with Negafile's modular collection of handmade hardwood files and storage boxes. No other system can beat it for price, versatility and beauty. Just follow our easy to follow road map of instructions!

The Negafile storage boxes feature brass-plated hardware and brass connection pins, enriching the expensive furniture look of the lacquered rich Mahogany, dark Walnut, or luxurious Cherry. The wood's natural porosity acts, at the same time, both as a desiccator and insulator, providing an ideal environment for your valuable EM and LM records. And as if this was not enough reason to place an order immediately, consider the benefits of wood over metal in the typical laboratory "flash fire": Metal cabinets can reach a high temperature where as in a wooden box, because of the insulating properties of the wood, the temperature hardly changes. We have also heard reports, relative to metal and plastic, of how dry the contents of the Negafile boxes remain when sprinklers accidentally get set off and cause high humidity and flooding conditions.

But why settle just for a storage system when you could have in your laboratory literally a super fine piece of furniture? While the Mahogany wood, which comes from South America, has its own inherent beauty, there is just no comparison with the fine beauty of the Walnut that comes from the beautiful Appalachian Mountain area of the eastern USA or the famous furniture grade luxurious Cherry that comes literally from the back yard of SPI from Southeastern Pennsylvania!




Negafile is a familiar name to microscopy laboratories worldwide. Make sure you are protecting your own valuable technical data in the boxes that are like fine pieces of furniture!

Four quick steps to a perfect stacking storage/filing system

While the number of possible products to select from is large, follow these easy steps to decide what is really best for you:

Do you want to assemble a stacking system (as do 80% of all customers of these products) which take up minimum space? If yes, then you need a "stackable" system. However, if you desire a system that can easily be carried around, perhaps from class room to class room, or some that would be an impressive piece of furniture to sit on your desk, then you need products from what we call the "portable" products.

So if your need is for a stackable system:

Step #4: Select your desired portable storage system

Step #5: Select your protector system for long term archiving

To help you make your decision, consider the following observations we have made over the past several years:

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