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Material Safety Data Sheet

SPI #01701-AC, 01701-BA, 01701-FA, 01701-MB Gold/Palladium Wire
SPI #14106-AB, 14115-AB, 14117-AB, 14121-AB, 14140-AB, 14145-AB, 14156-AB Gold/Palladium Cathodes

Section 01 Identification

Date Effective...........  January 8, 2009
                           (most recent revision)

Chemical Name/Synonyms...  Gold/Palladium Alloy

Chemical Family..........  Metal

Contacting CHEMTREC 24 Hour Emergency 
Use Only #'s:
Worldwide phone : 1-(703)-527-3887
Worldwide FAX   : 1-(703)-741-6090
Toll-free phone : 1-(800)-424-9300 USA only

Product or Trade Name:
SPI Precious Metal Wires for evaporation; 
SPI Sputter Coater Cathodes; 

CAS #....................  7440-57-5	Au

CAS #. . . . . . . . . . . 7440-05-3	Pd

(National Fire Protection Association) 
Rating (Scale 0-4) :
                           Not applicable

Section 02 Composition

CAS# 7440-57-5	Gold		60%
CAS# 7440-05-3	Palladium	40%

Section 03 Health Hazard Data

Potential health effects (overview):

The material in either solid or alloy form is generally not considered
hazardous.  However, if the process involves grinding, melting, cutting, 
or any other process that causes a release of fumes, hazardous levels 
of airborne particulates could be generated.

Primary routes of entry:  
      Inhalation, Skin contact

Human effects and symptoms of exposure:
      Listed below are certain potential health hazards which apply to 
      the hazardous ingredients found in the subject alloy(s):

      Gold:  Generally None Toxic
      Skin:  May cause contact dermatitis.

Medical Conditions Aggravated by Exposure:
      Individuals who may have had allergic reactions to metals or 
      sensitivity, may encounter skin rash or dermatitis, if skin 
      contact with this product occurs. Persons with impaired 
      pulmonary functions, may incur further impairment if dust or 
      fumes are inhaled.

Carcinogenic references:
      Material is not listed in the Annual Report on Carcinogens as 
      prepared by the National Toxicology Program (NTP), as well as 
      the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), 
      Monograph Series or OSHA.

Section 04 First Aid Procedures And Physician Notes

First Aid for Eyes:
     Dust or powder should be flushed from the eyes with running water 
     for 15 minutes. If irritation persists obtain medical assistance.

First Aid for Skin:
     Skin cuts and abrasions can be treated by standard first aid.  
     Skin contamination with dust or powder can be removed with soap 
     and water. If irritation persists obtain medical assistance.

First Aid for Inhalation:
     Breathing difficulty, caused by inhalation of dust or fume 
     requires removal to fresh air.  If breathing has stopped 
     perform artificial respiration and seek medical assistance 
     at once.

First Aid for Ingestion:
     Obtain medical assistance at once.

Section 05 Fire And Explosion Hazard Data

Flash Point.................... Non-flammable as a solid

Flammable Limits in Air........ Flammable limit in air, % by vol.
  LEL (Lower Explosive Limit) : Not Applicable
  UEL (Upper Explosive Limit) : Not Applicable

Fire Extinguishing Media:
  This material is non-combustible.  Use appropriate extinguishing 
  agent for surrounding fires.  Do not use water to extinguish 
  fires around operations involving molten metal, due to the 
  potential for a steam explosion.

Firefighting Procedure:
  Self-contained breathing apparatus should be worn when fighting 
  metal dust fires.  High levels of dust or fine particles in the 
  air may ignite or explode.

Fire and explosion hazards.
  This is a stable material and will not burn or ignite.

Section 06 Accidental Release Measures

Spill Response:
   Because of its high intrinsic value, and also because it is 
   a non-renewable resource, this material should be reclaimed 
   when possible.

Disposal considerations:
   Because of its high intrinsic value, and also because it is a 
   non-renewable resource, this material should be reclaimed when 
   possible.  When reclaiming is not feasible and disposal the 
   only alternative, then it should be done in accordance with 
   all applicable federal, state, and local regulations.

Section 07 Special Handling Information

In solid form this material poses no special problems. Store 
metal in a dry area.  Do not store adjacent to acids.

Section 08 Special Precautions and Additional Information

Eye Protection Requirements:
    Safety glasses are recommended.

Skin Protection Requirements:
    Protective gloves are recommended, to prevent mechanical 

Respiratory Protection:
    Use an appropriate NIOSH approved respirator if airborne 
    dust concentrations exceed the PEL or TLV.
Other protective equipment:
    Eye wash fountain should be readily available in areas of 
    use or handling.

Exposure Limits:
    Not established for product as a whole.  Refer to Section 
    02 above.

Ventilation Requirements:
    Local exhaust:  Recommended, when cutting, grinding, or 
    melting or any other operation where dust or fumes are created.


Environmental Surveillance:
    If the operation generates dust or fumes, exposure to airborne 
    materials should be determined by having air samples taken in 
    the employee breathing zone and work area.

Section 09 Physical Data

Boiling Point............    760 mm Hg : Not applicable

Coeff. of Water/Oil Dist.    Not Applicable

pH (Liquids Only)........    Not Applicable

% Volatile By Volume.....    Essentially zero

Melting Point............    Not applicable

Vapor Pressure...........    mm Hg: Not Applicable

Vapor Density/Air is 1...    Not Applicable

Solubility In Water......    Insoluble

Appearance and Color.....    Silver colored solid metal in fabricated form

Specific Gravity.........    Not available
Evaporation Rate.........    (n-butyl acetate = 1): Zero

Odor.....................    None

Section 10 Reactivity Data

Stable: Yes

Hazardous Polymerization:
   Does not occur.
   Hazardous Decomposition Products:
   None under proper use conditions

Conditions to avoid:
   Conditions that could create dust or fumes.

Materials to avoid:
   Basic incompatibilities are acetylene, ammonia and strong oxidizers.

Section 11 Toxicological Information

No hazardous ingredients in this material.

Section 12 Ecological Information

Environmental:  When used and/or disposed of as indicated, no adverse
                environmental effects are foreseen.

Mobility:       Non-volatile/Insoluble in water.

Degradability:  Not biodegradable

Section 13 Disposal Considerations

Product and packaging must be disposed of in accordance with local and
national regulations. Because it is a non-renewable resource and has economic
value, waste material is usually a candidate for recycling. Unused product may
be returned for reclamation provided it has been purchased from SPI Supplies.
Contact SPI Supplies sending information about lot number and approximate time
of purchase.

This material is NOT classified as a hazardous material by RCRA. Use only
licensed transporters and permitted disposal facilities and conform to all laws.

Section 14 Transportation Information

DOT Shipping Name:       Not regulated
DOT Hazard Class:        None
Product RQ:              None
Technical Shipping Name: Metal alloy
UN or NA number:         None

Section 15 Regulatory Information

OSHA Status:    N/A

TSCA Status:    All components of this product are listed on the TSCA Inventory.

RCRA Status:    N/A

SARA Title III: No hazardous substances.

Section 16 Other Information

Disclaimer of Liability:

Caution! Do not use SPI Supplies products or materials in applications involving implantation within the body; direct or indirect contact with the blood pathway; contact with bone, tissue, tissue fluid, or blood; or prolonged contact with mucous membranes. Products offered by SPI Supplies are not designed or manufactured for use in implantation in the human body or in contact with internal body fluids or tissues. SPI Supplies will not provide to customers making devices for such applications any notice, certification, or information necessary for such medical device use required by US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) regulation or any other statute. SPI Supplies and Structure Probe, Inc. make no representation, promise, express warranty or implied warranty concerning the suitability of these materials for use in implantation in the human body or in contact with internal body tissues of fluids.
The information and recommendations set forth above are taken from sources believed to be accurate as of the date hereof, however SPI Supplies and Structure Probe, Inc. make no warranty with respect to the accuracy of the information or the suitability of the recommendations, and assume no liability to any user thereof. The information contained in this sheet does not constitute a hazard assessment and should not be used in place of the user's own assessment of work place risks as required by other health and safety legislation.

California Prop. 65:
Proposition 65 requires manufacturers or distributors of consumer products into the State of California to provide a warning statement if the product contains ingredients for which the State has found to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. If this product contains an ingredient listed by the State of California to cause cancer or reproductive toxicity, it will be listed below:

No data has been generated to our knowledge showing this material has been found to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Be aware of the Structure Probe, Inc. Copyright Policy. Structure Probe, Inc. grants a nonexclusive license to make unlimited copies of this safety sheet for internal use only. Quite obviously, this information would pertain only to this material when purchased from SPI Supplies as product from other sources, with other ingredients and impurity levels could have substantially different properties.

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