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The conversion of our entire data base of MSDS sheets to the website is turning into a gigantic project for us so we thank you for your patience while this is being done. If you do not see the MSDS sheet you want, then just ask! In addition, we are in the process of converting all of our MSDS into the ANSI recommended 16 section format. Our MSDS continue to be prepared in accordance with the OSHA Hazard Communications Standard (29CRF 1910.1200).

An MSDS sheet is only as good as it is understood and it is also written in a way that is relevant for the way the product is being used. We also realize that our MSDS sheets are being read in laboratories around the world and some of the ways we express ourselves in the USA might be different than the way the same terms are expressed in other countries. So if you do not understand a certain aspect of one of our MSDS's, please don't be bashful, ask us for a clarification. If you are confused then perhaps others might be as well.

Furthermore, most MSDS sheets are prepared by the manufacturers of the actual chemical ingredient from the perspective that what was involved would be a 55 gallon drum! Obviously the clean up procedures from the failure of a 55 gallon drum are whole lot different than for the clean up after the dropping of a 250 gms bottle of NSA.

So when you read the MSDS sheets, do keep in mind that good old fashioned common sense would be in order. A 55 gallon drum of acetone is one thing, but a 60 cc bottle of silver paint thinner is something entirely different. The information we provide contains information which may be helpful to you to comply with certain regulations and laws, but most importantly, for you to work safely with these materials. Only you really are in a position, not us, to determine what legal and other requirements are associated with the use of any particular product in your particular process or procedure as well as any downstream products or prepared samples made from these products.

But what ever you do, work safely. Remember that SPI Supplies is 100% committed to being a responsible vendor and working with customers to make sure that they use SPI products at all times in a safe manner and according to all local rules and regulations. Should you ever be in doubt about anything relating to the safe use of an SPI products, just ask! Just be sure to give us the SPI # of the product in question and the lot number. Without this information we can not respond. Remember we can give out information about SPI Supplies sold products only! And the information supplied applies only to products carrying the SPI Supplies label or sold by SPI Supplies and would not necessarily apply to any similar appearing products being sold under a different name.

CAS#SPI#Product Name
2455-71-2 00012-MB, 00012-RA
Santovac 5 Polyphenyl Ether Diffusion Pump Fluid
Fomblin® ZNF High Vacuum Grease
69991-67-9, 9002-84-0 00015-AB, 00015A-AB
Fomblin® RT-15 High Vacuum Grease
69991-67-9 00021-XK, 00021-XI,
00021-XR, 00021-RA

SPI Fomblin® Perfluorosolv™ PFS-2
00025-XK, 00025-XM
Asahiklin® AK225 Light Duty Degreaser
00031-MB, 00031-RA,
00031-XP, 00031-XK,

Octoil®-S Dioctylsebacate Diffusion Pump Fluid
69991-67-9 00071-MB, 00071-XQ
Fomblin® 18/8 (Y-HVAC) Diffusion Pump Fluid
69991-67-9 00073-MB, 00073-XQ
Fomblin® 25/6 (Y-25) Mechanical Pump Fluid
69991-67-9 00078-MB, 00078-XQ
Fomblin® 06/6 (Y-06) Perfluorinated Polyether Pump Fluid
01026-AB, 01026-SS
Wenol® Metal Polish
POL® Metal Polish
64-17-5 01053-AB
SPI Metal Bright™ Spray
64-17-5 01050-AB
SPI Bell Bright™ Bell Jar Spray
9002-88-4 01090A-AB
Catalyst for Wet Replica Kit
Resin for Wet Replica Kit
9002-88-4 01090C-AB
SPI-Chem™ Replicating Powder
SPI LOBO™ Mechanical Pump Fluid
Welch Duo-Seal® Pump Fluid
1310-58-3, 1344-09-8 01134-AB, 01134-AE,
01134A-AB, 01134B-AB

Solujet® Low Foaming Phosphate-Free Liquid Detergent
1344-09-8, 15630-89-4,
497-19-8, 6132-04-3,
01135-AB, 01135-AE,
01135A-AB, 01135B-AB

Tergajet® Low Foaming Phosphate-Free Powder Detergent
77-92-9 01136-AB, 01136-AE,

Citrajet® Low Foaming Acid Cleaner and Detergent
497-19-8, 6834-92-0,
7722-88-5, 7758-29-4
01137-AB, 01137-AE,
01138-AB, 01139-AB

Alcojet® Low Foaming Powdered Detergent
111-76-2, 34590-94-8,
01140-AB, 01140-AE
Detergent 8® Low Foaming Phosphate-Free Detergent
01152-AB, 01152-AE,

Citranox® Acid Cleaner and Detergent
01200-AB, 01200A-AB
SPI Alconox® Powdered Detergent
01201-AB, 01201-BC,
01202-AB, 01202-BC,

SPI Liqui-Nox® Liquid Detergent
01262-AB, 01262-AG
Alcotabs® Critical Cleaning Detergent Tablets
01274-AB, 01274-BC
Staticide® Wipes
32993-45-6 01307-AB, 01308-AB,
01309-AB, 01310-AB,
01311-AB, 01312-AB,
01313-AB, 01314-AB,
01315-AB, 01316-AB,
01317-AB, 01318-AB,
01319-AB, 01320-AB,
01322-AB, 01323-AB,
01325-AB, 01326-AB,
01327-AB, 01328-AB,

Diamond Compound and Diamond Slurries
1344-28-1 01337-AB, 01338-AB,
SPI Alumina Powder
1344-28-1, 7732-18-4 01340-AB, 01341-AB,
SPI Alumina Slurry
80-62-6, 99-97-8
9011-14-7, 94-36-0
01352-XX Koldmount™ Fast Curing Cold Mounting Hardener, Powder
7440-50-8 01362-AB, 01362-AF SPI-Chem™ Conductive Copper-Filled Diallyl Phthalate
01385-AB, 01385-CE Barrier Cream 222®
01386-AB, 01386-CE
Skin Conditioner 212®
01387-AB, 01387-BC,
01388-AB, 01388-AG

X-O® Odor Neutralizer
1333-86-4, 7782-42-5 01400-AB, 01400-XM SPI Conducto Bed™ Carbon Black FIlled Conductive Epoxy: Part A: Resin Part B: Hardener
7782-42-5 01679-BA, 01679-FA,
01680-BA, 01680-FA

Carbon Rods
7782-42-5 01679-BA, 01679-FA,
01680-BA, 01680-FA,
01681-BA, 01681-FA,
01682-BA, 01682-FA,
01685-BA, 01685-FA,
1685T-BA, 1685T-FA,
01686T-BA, 01686T-FA,
01686-BA, 01686-FA,
01688-BA, 01688-FA,
1688T-BA, 1688T-FA

Carbon and Graphite Rods
7440-57-5, 7440-05-3 01701-AC, 01701-BA,
01701-FA, 01701-MB,
14106-AB, 14115-AB,
14117-AB, 14121-AB,
14140-AB, 14145-AB,
Gold/Palladium Alloy
7440-57-5 01701-AB, 01702-AB,
14155-AB, 14144-AB,
14131-AB, 14139-AB,
14110-AB, 14153-AB,
14118-AB, 14120-AB,
02901G-AB, 02899G-AB,
465PS-AB, 466PS-AB

Gold Wire, Cathodes, Mesh, and Substrates
7440-22-4 01705, 14109-ABB,
14119-AB, 14123-AB
14159-AB, 4130Z-CF

SPI Supplies Silver Wire, Cathodes, and Grids
7439-88-5 14167-AB Iridium Cathode
7440-06-4 01703-AC, 01703-BA,
01703-FA, 01703-MB,
14107-AB, 14122-AB,
14146-AB, 14157-AB,
Platinum Metal
7440-05-3 01704-AC, 01704-BA,
01704-FA, 01704-MB,
14158-AB, 14151-AB,
Palladium Wire/Cathodes
7440-06-4, 7439-88-5 01707-AC, 01707-BA,
01707-FA, 01707-MB

SPI Supplies® Brand 80% Platinum/20% Iridium Wire
01709-BA, 01717-BA,
01800-AB, 01801-BA,
01802-BA, 01803-BA,
4120W-BA, 4120W-MB

SPI Supplies® Tungsten Wire, Boats, Baskets, Grids
1306-24-7 01715-AB, 01715-MB,
01715-SS, 01715C-AB,
01715C-MB, 01715C-SS

Cadmium Selenide Powder and Chunks
1314-98-3 01716-AB, 01716-MB,
01716-SS, 01716C-AB,
01716C-MB, 01716C-SS

Zinc Sulfide Powder and Chunks
1306-23-6 01718-AB, 01718-MB,
01718-SS, 01718C-AB,
01718C-MB, 01718C-SS,

Cadmium Sulfide Powder and Chunks
1306-25-8 01719C-AB
Cadmium Telluride Chunks
7647-14-5 01788-AF, 01788-MB,
01789-AB, 01790-AB
Sodium Chloride Substrates
12001-26-2 01804-BA, 01805-CA,
01806-MB, 01806A-MB,
01868-CA, 01868-MB,
01869-CA, 01869-MB,
01870-CA, 01870-MB,
01871-BA, 01871-MB,
01872-AB, 01872-CA,
01872-MB, 01873-CA,
01873-MB, 01874-CA,
01874-MB, 01875-CA,
01875-MB, 01876-CA,
01873-MB, 01874-CA,
01874-MB, 01875-CA,
01875-MB, 01876-CA,
01876-MB, 01877-MB,
01878-MB, 01879-MB,
01880-MB, 01920-MB,
01921-MB, 01900-MB,
01900-CA, 01925-MB,
01926-MB, 01923-MB,
01923-CA, 01804-CA,

SPI-Chem™ Mica Sheets and Discs
1344-57-6 01810-AD
Uranium (IV) Oxide Chips
7440-47-3 01811-BA, 01811-CF,

SPI-Chem™ Chromium Chips
10097-28-6 01813-BA, 01813-CF,

SPI-Chem™ Silicon Monoxide (SiO) Chips
1315-09-9 01815-AB, 01815-MB,
01815-SS, 01815C-AB,
01815C-MB, 01815C-SS

Zinc Selenide Powder Chunks
9004-35-7 01818-AB, 01819-AB,
01856-AB, 01857-AB

Cellulose Acetate Tape
7647-14-5 01817-AB, 01807-AF,
01817-AF, 01779-AB

Sodium Chloride Single Crystal Substrates
1309-48-4 01841-AB, 01842-AB,
01843-AB, 01844-AB,
01890-AB, 01845-AB,
01885-AB, 01886-AB,
01891-AB, 01892-AB,
01893-AB, 01888-AB,
01888-MB, 01889-AB

Magnesium Oxide Single Crystal Substrates
9004-35-7 01856-AB, 01857-AB,
SPI Chem™ Cellulose Acetate Sheets and Tapes
9010-75-7 01858-CF, 01858-MB,
01859-CF, 01859-MB

ACLAR® Copolymer Films
7631-86-9, 1344-28-1,
1313-59-3, 1305-78-8,
02014-MB, 02014-RA
SPI-Chem™ Molecular Sieve Type 5A
7631-86-9, 1344-28-1,
1313-59-3, 1309-48-4,
02015-MB, 02015-RA
SPI-Chem™ Molecular Sieve Type 13X
7631-86-9, 1344-28-1,
1313-59-3, 1309-48-4,
02017-MB, 02017-RA
SPI-Chem™ Molecular Sieve Type 4A
7631-86-9, 1344-28-1,
1313-59-3, 12136-45-7,
02018-MB, 02018-RA
SPI-Chem™ Molecular Sieve Type 3A
02040-AE, 02050-AC
Desiccant Capsules
Rechargeable and Indicating Desiccating Canister
02411-AB, 02412-AB,

SPI-Chem™ Uranyl Chloride
02415-AB, 02416-AB,

SPI-Chem™ Uranyl Zinc Acetate
02458-DA, 02458-MB
2% Parlodian in Amyl Acetate
02461-AA, 02461-AB
Amyl Acetate
02462-CA, 02462-MB
1% Formvar® in Ethylene Dichloride
63450-15-7 02463-MB
SPI Formvar® Resin for Electron Microscopy
02464-CA, 02464-MB
SPI-Chem™ 1% Formvar® in Chloroform Solution
SPI-Chem™ Parlodion® Resin Strips, Purified
63148-65-2 02466-BA, 02467-MB
SPI-Chem™ Pioloform® B Resin
63148-65-2 02468-BA
SPI-Chem™ Butvar® B-98 Polyvinyl Butyral Resin
SPI Victawet® Surface Release Agent
12767-83-8 02470-AB, 02470-RA
Victawet® 35B Non-Foaming, Anionic Wetting Agent
68460-10-6 02473-RA, 02473-AB
Victawet® 12 Surface Release Agent
68460-10-6 02477-AB
Pioloform® B Resin 2% in Chloroform
63450-15-7 02492-RA, 02492-BF,
02493-RA, 02493-BF,
02491-RA, 02491-BF,
02490-RA, 02490-BF

SPI-Chem™ Vinylec® (Formvar®) Resins
Graff "C" Stain
Green & Yorston (Azo) Stain
Herzberg Stain
Phloroglucinol Stain
Selleger's Stain
107-06-2 1 02515-AA, 02515-AB
SPI Chem™ Ethylene Dichloride
67-66-3 02520-AA, 02520-AB
SPI-Chem™ Chloroform
67-64-1 02521-AA, 02521-AB
SPI-Chem™ Acetone
67-56-1 02523-AA, 02523-AB
SPI-Chem™ Methyl Alcohol
75-56-9 02524-AA, 02524-NA,

SPI-Chem™ Propylene oxide
02535-AB, 02535-BA
SPI-Chem™ Phosphotungstic Acid
7761-88-8 02538-AB, 02538-MB
SPI-Chem™ Silver Nitrate
16984-59-1 02545-AA, 02545-AB
SPI-Chem™ Uranyl Formate
13520-83-7 02546-AB
SPI-Chem™ Uranyl Nitrate Hexahydrate
13106-76-8 02551-AB, 02551-AF
SPI-Chem™ Ammonium Molybdate
4197-25-5 02560-AB
SPI-Chem™ Sudan Black B
632-99-5 02566-AB, 02566-MB
SPI-Chem™ Basic Fuchsin
17372-87-1 02568-AB, 02568-MB
SPI-Chem™ Eosin Y Powder
7220-79-3 02573-AB, 02573-MB
SPI-Chem™ Methylene Blue
92-31-9 02576-AB, 02576-MB
SPI-Chem™ Toluidine Blue O
SPI-Chem™ Methylene Blue 1 % Solution in Water
477-73-6 02589-AB, 02589-MB
SPI-Chem™ Safranin O
7790-28-5 02594-AA, 02594-AB
SPI-Chem™ Sodium Periodate
20816-12-0 02595-BA, 02597-BA,
02598-AB, 02599-BA,

SPI-Chem™ Osmium Tetroxide, Aqueous Solution, in sealed glass ampoules
32740-79-7 02596-AB, 02596-CF
SPI-Chem™ Ruthenium (IV) Oxide
20816-12-0 02601-AB, 02602-AB,
02590-AB, 02604-AB

SPI-Chem™ Osmium Tetroxide, Crystals, in sealed glass ampoules
12790-48-6 02603-AB
SPI-Chem™ Ruthenium Red
02605-BA, 02607-BA Glutaraldehyde, Aqueous Solution, 8-25%
50-00-0, 67-56-1,
7732-18-5, 7558-80-7,
SPI-Chem™ Formalin in 10% Buffered Solution in Phosphate
02614-DA, 02614-AB
SPI-CHEM™ Formaldehyde, 37%
1310-73-2 02618-AA, 02618-AB, 02618-RA
SPI-Chem™ Sodium Hydroxide
6159-44-0 02624-AB
SPI-Chem™ Uranyl Acetate
97-63-2, 142-09-6,
109-16-0, 3524-62-7,
02628-AA, 02628-AB
Monostep® Lowicryl HM-20 Non-polar Embedding Media
00009003-39-8 02630-AA, 02630-AB
SPI-Chem™ "Low Acid" GMA TEM Kit
00009003-39-8 02640-AB
SPI-Chem™ "Low Acid" GMA Kit for LM
00009003-39-8 02652-AB
SPI-Chem™ PVP K-90 Polyvinylpyrolidone
02655-AB, 02655-AB
Nanoplast® FB-101 Water Soluble Embedding Resin Kit, Resin
6192-52-5 02655-AB, 02655-AB
Nanoplast® FB-101 Water Soluble Embedding Resin Kit, Catalyst
90529-77-4 02659-AB
SPI-PON™ 812 Epoxy Resin Monomer
2224-15-9 02661-AB
Quetol™ 651 Monomer
171263-25-5 02665-AB
Cardolite® Plasticizers/Flexibilizer and Diluent
2425-79-8 02681-AB
Butanediol Diglycidyl Ether
02685-AA, 02686-AA

SPI Mercox® Kits
A: Resin
B: Benzoyl Peroxide
56-81-5 02693-AB
SPI-Chem™ Glycerine
57-50-1, 7732-18-5,
02694-AB, 02694-BC
SPI-Chem™ Cryo-Gel™
12001-29-5 02701-AB, 02701A-AB,
02740-AB, 02740A-AB

Chrysotile "B"; Chrysotile "B" Asbestos Standards
17068-78-9 02702-AB, 02702A-AB
Anthophylite Asbestos Standards
12172-73-5 02703-AB, 02703A-AB
Amosite Asbestos Standards
12001-28-4 02704-AB, 02704A-AB
Crocidolite Asbestos Standards
02705-AB, 02706-AB,
02707-AB, 02708-AB,
02709-AB, 02710-AB,
02711-AB, 02712-AB,

Polystyrene DVB Microspheres and Polystyrene Latex Microspheres
02714-AB, 02715-AB,
02716-AB, 02721-AB,
02722-AB, 02723-AB,
02717-AB, 02718-AB,
02719-AB, 02720-AB,
02724-AB, 02726-AB,
02727-AB, 02728-AB,
02729-AB, 02730-AB,
02731-AB, 02732-AB,
02733-AB, 02734-AB,
02735-AB, 02736-AB,
03737-AB, 02738-AB,
02739-AB, 02747-AB,
02748-AB, 02749-AB,
02770-AB, 02771-AB
Borosilicate Glass Microspheres and Soda Lime Glass Microspheres
68611-50-7 02804-AB; 02804-AF;
02804-XK; 02804-XL

Thiokol LP-3 Polysulfide Liquid Polymer
80-62-6 02807-AA; 02807-AB
SPI-Chem™ Methyl Methacrylate
2686-87-0 02815-AB; 02815-NA;

SPI-Chem™ ERL 4221 Epoxy Plasticizer
02820-DA, 02820-MB,

103-83-3 02821-AB; 02821-CA;

02822-AB, 02822-BA,

SPI-Chem™ Benzoyl Peroxide
02823-AB; 02823-AF;

SPI-Chem™ DMP-30
108-01-0 02824-AA, 02824-AB
26544-38-7 02827-AF
SPI-Chem™ DDSA Hardener
25134-21-8, 129-64-6 02828-AF
SPI-Chem™ NMA (Nadic Methyl Anhydride) Hardener for Epoxy Resins
28928-97-4 02829-AB, 02829-AF
SPI-Chem™ NSA Epoxy Hardener
041638-13-5 02830-AA, 02830-AB,

SPI-Chem™ DER 736 Epoxy plasticizer
84-74-2 02831-NA, 02831-AA
026142-30-3 02832-AM
SPI-Chem™ DER 732
3101-60-8 02833-AB
Araldite® 6005 Epoxy Resin
2530-83-8 02837-AB
SPI Chem™ (3-glycidoxypropyl) trimethoxysilane (3GTO)
001675-54-3 02841-AM
DER 332 Epoxy Resin
02845-AB, 02845A-AB
Paraplast® X-tra Tissue Embedding Medium
02846-AB, 02846A-AB
Paraplast® Plus Tissue Embedding Medium
02847-AB, 02847A-AB
Paraplast® Tissue Embedding Medium
68611-50-7 02848-AB, 02848-AF,
02848-XK, 02848-XL

SPI-Chem™ LP-32 by Morton-Thiokol
68611-50-7 02849-AB, 02849-AF,
02849-XK, 02849-XL

SPI-Chem™ LP-2 by Morton-Thiokol
78-93-3 02850-AA, 02850-AB
SPI-Chem™ Methyl Ethyl Ketone
78-93-3 02851-AB, 02851-AF,
02851-XK, 02851-XL

Thiokol LP-33 Polysulfide Liquid Polymer
999-97-3 02852-AB, 02852-CA SPI-Chem™ Hexamethyldisilazane (HMDS)
68611-50-7 02855-AB, 02855-AF,
02855-XK, 02855-XL
SPI-Chem™ LP-12 by Morton-Thiokol
7440-57-5 02901-AB, 02901G-AB,
02899G-AB, 02799G-AB,
02599G-AB, 02299G-AB,

SPI Supplies® Brand Gold Mesh
Cargille™ Gem Refractometer Liquid
04089F-AB, 04089H-AB,

Cargille™ Series E Refractive Index Fluids
04089F-AB, 04089H-AB Cargille® Series E Refractive Index Fluids 1.575 - 1.640
Cargille® Series E Refractive Index Fluids 1.560 - 1.570
04105-AB, 04105A-AB,
04105B-AB, 04106-AB
04106A-AB, 04106B-AB

Cargille® Immersion Oil Type A and B
04109-AB, 04109A-AB,

Cargille® Immersion Oil Type FF
04111F-AB, 04111H-AB Cargille® Series A Refractive Index Fluids 1.572 - 1.640
Cargille® Series A Refractive Index Fluids 1.460 - 1.570
04112F-AB, 04112H-AB,

Cargille® Series B Refractive Index Fluids
04112F-AB, 04112H-AB Cargille® Series B Refractive Index Fluids 1.657 - 1.700
Cargille® Series B Refractive Index Fluids 1.642 - 1.656
SPI TEM Screen Recoating Powder
100403-12-1 04165-AB
SPI-Chem™ P-47 Scintillator Powder
04220-AB, 04224-AB,
04267-AB, 04271-AB,
04275-AB, 04279-AB,
04283-AB, 04287-AB,
04291-AB, 04295-AB,
04297-AB, 04298-AB,
04299-AB, 04767-AB,
04771-AB, 04775-AB,
04779-AB, 04783-AB,
04787-AB, 04791-AB,
04795-AB, 04797-AB,
04798-AB, 04799-AB
Light Microscopy Grade Gold Conjugates
04228-AB, 04229-AB,
04230-AB, 04231-AB,
04232-AB, 04233-AB,
04234-AB, 04235-AB,
04365-AB, 04403-AB,
04404-AB, 04405-AB,
04406-AB, 04407-AB,
04408-AB, 04410-AB,
04411-AB, 04415-AB,
04416-AB, 04420-AB,
04421-AB, 04516-AB,
04518-AB, 04520-AB,
04522-AB, 04530-AB,
04538-AB, 04539-AB,
04541-AB, 04542-AB,
04554-AB, 04596-AB,
04597-AB, 04598-AB,
04599-AB, 04602-AB,
04603-AB, 04605-AB,
04606-AB, 04608-AB,
04609-AB, 04610-AB,
04611-AB, 04613-AB,
04614-AB, 04615-AB,
04616-AB, 04629-AB,
04630-AB, 04631-AB,
04636-AB, 04637-AB,
04638-AB, 04639-AB,
04641-AB, 04642-AB,
04647-AB, 04648-AB,
04649-AB, 04651-AB,
04654-AB, 04656-AB,
04658-AB, 04659-AB,
04660-AB, 04661-AB,
04662-AB, 04665-AB,
04670-AB, 04672-AB,
04674-AB, 04676-AB,
04716-AB, 04718-AB,
04720-AB, 04722-AB,
04730-AB, 04756-AB,
04758-AB, 04760-AB,
04762-AB, 04829-AB,
04830-AB, 04831-AB,
04835-AB, 04836-AB,
04837-AB, 04847-AB,
04848-AB, 04849-AB,
04851-AB, 04859-AB,
04860-AB, 04861-AB,
04865-AB, 04872-AB,
04874-AB, 04876-AB
EM Grade Gold Conjugates
04766-DA, 04766-MB
Biomount Tissue Mounting Media
04964-AB, 04965-AB
Quickcure Epoxy Adhesive Kit is sold as a kit and the two components are never sold separately
Part A: Resin component
Part B: Hardener
67-64-1, 98-56-6,
100-41-4, 7440-22-4
04969-AB, 04969A-AB,
SPI Supplies® LVOC Silver Paint
04975-AB, 04975A-AB
Pikal® Paste for Metal Polishing
Thinner for SPI SafeShip™ Nonflammable Silver Paint
04977-AB, 04978-AB

Safe-Ship™ Nonflammable Silver Paint
04988-AB, 04988-FA
Pikal® Paste for Metal Polishing
SPI-Chem™ Platinum Paint Thinner
SPI-Chem™ Platinum Paint
SPI-Chem™ Silver Paint Pen
Silver Filled Conductive Grease
04996-AB, 04996-DA
SPI Thinner for Flash Dry™ Silver Paint
04998-AB, 04999-AB
SPI Flash Dry™ Silver Paint
SPI-Chem™ Silver Epoxy Resin, Part A; Silver Epoxy Resin, Part B
05001-AB, 05002-AB
SPI Supplies® Brand Silver Paint
Dotite® Silver Paint D-550
05004-AB, 05004-DA
SPI Supplies® Brand Silver Paint Thinner
SPI Silver Streaker™
SPI Silver Kwik-Stik™
05006-AB, 05006-RA
SPI Supplies® Brand Carbon Paint
67-63-0 05007-AB
SPI Supplies® Brand Carbon Paint Thinner
9017-68-9, 7440-50-8 05012-AB, 05012A-AB,
05012B-AB, 05012C-AB,
05085-AB, 05085A-AB,
05085B-AB, 05085C-AB

3M® Copper Conducting Tapes
05018H-AB, 05018M-AB,

Cavex Set Up Soft Modelling Wax (Dental Waxes)
8012-95-1 05039-AB, 05039A-AB

Apiezon® L Vacuum Grease
8012-95-1 05040-AB, 05041-AB
Apiezon® M Vacuum Grease
05042-AB, 05043-CF,
05045-FA, 05046-XQ

Braycote Micronic® 803 Vacuum Grease
Fomblin® VAC 3 Grease
05049-AB, 05050-AB,
05052-AB, 05053-AB

Vacseal™ Vacuum Leak Sealant, Brush Applicator
05050-BA, 05050-CF,
05050-FA, 05050-XQ

Braycote® 1632 Vacuum Grease
Vacseal™ Vacuum Leak Sealant, Aerosol
0076-3186-9 05054-AB, 05054-XN
Dow Corning® #976V Vacuum Grease
Leit-C™ CCC Carbon Cement
Leit-C™ CCC Carbon Cement Thinner
05057-AB, 05064-AB
LEIT-C-Plast™ Carbon Cement; Refill, Leit-C-Plast™
Tempfix™ Mounting Adhesive
M-Bond™ 610 Adhesive and Curing Agent
65154-53-2 05060-AB, 05061-AB
Apiezon® AP 101 Vacuum Grease
Silver Epoxy – Resin only; Silver Epoxy – Hardener only
SPI Silver Paste Plus™ Silver Paste
SPI Supplies® Brand Conductive Carbon Paste
Apiezon® T Vacuum Grease
05069-AE, 05069-BG
Santovac® 5GB Ultra High Vacuum Grease
7440-22-4 05070-AB
SPI Supplies® Brand Silver Sheets, Double Sided Adhesive
05071-AB, 05080A-AB,

SPI Supplies® Brand Carbon Sheets, Double Sided Adhesive
05072-AB, 05081-AB,
05076-AB, 05082-AB,

SPI Supplies® Brand Carbon Tape, Double Sided Adhesive
05073-BA, 05077-BA,
05074-BA, 05078-BA

SPI Supplies® Brand Carbon Discs, Double Sided Adhesive
SPI Supplies® Brand Thinner for CCC Carbon Cement, SPI Supplies formulation
Apiezon® Grease, AP100
05086-BA, 05086-CF
05086A-AB, 05086B-AB
05086-AB, 05086C-AB

Braycote® 601EF Vacuum Grease
05087-BA, 05087-CF
05087A-AB, 05087B-AB

Braycote® 602EF Vacuum Grease
05088-AB, 05088A-AB
Brayco® 815z Base Oil
Apiezon® H Vacuum Grease
8012-95-1 05099-AB
Apiezon® N Cryogenic Vacuum Grease
05100C-AB, 05101C-AB,
05102C-AB, 05103B-AB,
05104B-AB, 05105B-AB
05106C-AB, 05107B-AB

Vacseal® II High Vacuum Leak Cement
05106-AB, 05106-BA,

Braycote® Micronic® 1613 Vacuum Grease
05107-BA, 05107A-AB,

Braycote 600EF Vacuum Grease
05162-AB, 05162-XQ
Braycote Micronic® 600EF Vacuum Grease
05110-AB, 05110-AF
SPI Crystalbond™ 509
05111-AB, 05111-BA
SPI Crystalbond™ 555 Mounting Adhesive
05112-AB, 05112-BA
SPI Crystalbond 555 HMP
Apiezon® Wax W Sealant and Mounting Wax
05116-AB, 05116A-AB
Braycote® Micronic® 601EF Vacuum Grease
05117-AB, 05118-AB
Castrol® Fluoroclean HE
Apiezon® Wax W40
05121A-AB, 05121B-AB
Apiezon® Wax W100
Apiezon® Sealing Compound Q
05134-AB, 05134A-AB
Castrol Microcote® 096 Anti-Wear Grease
05132-AB, 05122-AB,
05123-AB, 05124-AB

Castrol® Fluoroclean™ X100
05135-AB, 05135A-AB,

Castrol Microcote® 196 Anti-Wear Grease
05136-AB, 05136A-AB,
05136B-AB, 05136C-AB

Castrol Microcote® 296 Anti-Wear Grease
05140-AB, 05140-GA
SPI Seal-Vac™ Vacuum Leak Sealant
SPI Brayco® 1624 Perfluoropolyether Lubricant/a>
Braycote® 1625 Vacuum Grease
Celvaseal® High Vacuum Leak Sealant
Celvaseal® High Vacuum Leak Sealant, Aerosol Form
05157-AB, 05157T-AB
Castrol® Optitool™ 215-2 Cleanroom Grade Grease
05162-AB, 05162-XQ
Braycote® Micronic 600EF
05163-AB, 05163-BA,

Braycote® 807 High Vacuum Grease
Braycote® 803 RP
811-97-2 07605-AB
SPI "Two-in-One" OK Easy™ Duster
141-78-6, 13-86-4,
63-67-0, 9004-70-0,
6846-50-0, 115-86-6
SPI Supplies® Brand Glass Knife Boat Sealer Black
Optical Cleaning Solution Concentrate
7757-83-7 09730-AB
SPI-Chem™ Sodium Sulfite, Anhydrous
9002-93-1 09910-AB, 09910-RA,

Triton®-X 100 Concentrate
Triton X-100 Aqueous Solution
7782-42-5 11431-AB, 11431-BA,
11433-AB, 11433-BA
11435-AB, 11435-BA
11436-AB, 11436-BA

Supplies® Brand Carbon Fiber and Carbon Thread
7782-42-5 1601X-BA, 1601X-MB,
1601S-BA, 1601S-MB,
1602X-BA, 1602X-MB,
1602S-BA, 1602S-MB,
1604X-BA, 1604X-MB,
1606X-BA, 1606X-MB,
1607X-BA, 1607X-MB,
1609X-BA, 1609X-MB,
1610X-BA, 1610X-MB,
1611X-BA, 1611X-MB,
1611S-BA, 1611S-MB,
1612X-BA, 1612X-MB,
1612S-BA, 1612S-MB,
1613X-BA, 1613X-MB,
1619X-BA, 1619X-MB,
1622X-BA, 1622X-MB,
1623X-BA, 1623X-MB,
1625X-BA, 1625X-MB,
1632X-BA, 1632X-MB,
1636X-BA, 1636X-MB,
1675X-BA, 1675X-MB,
1676X-BA, 1676X-MB,
1677X-BA, 1677X-MB,
1678X-BA, 1678X-MB,
1679X-BA, 1679X-MB,

Supplies® Brand Carbon Mounts
Microshield™ Masking Aid and Protectant
Microshield™ Remover
7440-21-3 9 4078SN-BA, 4079SN-BA,
4080SN-BA, 4081SN-BA,
4082SN-BA, 4083SN-BA,
4084SN-BA, 4085SN-BA,
4109SN-BA, 4120SN-BA,
4121SN-BA, 4122SN-BA,
4123SN-BA, 4124SN-BA,
4125SN-BA, 4159SN-BA,
4112SN-BA, 4131SN-BA,
4132SN-BA, 4192SN-BA,
4160SN-MB, 4098SN-BA,
4099SN-BA, 4100SN-BA,
4101SN-BA, 4102SN-BA,
4103SN-BA, 4104SN-BA,
4105SN-BA, 4091SN-BA,
4092SN-BA, 4093SN-BA,
4094SN-BA, 4095SN-BA,
4096SN-BA, 4097SN-BA,
4090SN-BA, 4134SN-BA,
4138SN-BA, 4139SN-BA,
4141SN-BA, 4142SN-BA,
4145SN-BA, 4126SN-BA,
4126SN-FA, 4126SN-MB,
4144SN-BA, 4144SN-FA,
4144SN-MB, 4128SN-BA,
4128SN-FA, 4128SN-MB,
4145SN-BA, 4145SN-FA,
4145SN-MB, 4129SN-BA,
4129SN-FA, 4129SN-MB,
4146SN-BA, 4146SN-FA,
4146SN-MB, 4107SN-CF,
4130SN-BA, 4133SN-BA,
4087SN-AF, 4087SN-BA,
4087SN-CF, 4086SN-AF,
4086SN-BA, 4086SN-CF

SPI Supplies® Brand Silicon Nitride Membrane Window Grids for TEM
7440-41-7 421BP-AB, 422BP-AB,
424BP-AB, 412BGH-BA,
411BG-AB, 412BG-AB,
413BG-AB, 415BG-AB,

SPI Supplies® Brand Beryllium Planchets, and Grids
1317-33-5 429ML-AB, 429MM-AB,

SPI Supplies® Brand Moly Disulfide (MoS2)
7782-42-5 476HP-AB, 498HP-AB,
439HP-AB, 438HP-AB,
426HP-AB, 424HP-AB,
479HP-AB, 480HP-AB,
436HP-AB, 446HP-AB,
456HP-AB, 466HP-AB,
444HP-AB, 447HP-AB,
478HP-AB*, 497HP-AB*,
499HP-AB, 462HP-AB*,
463HP-AB*, 464HP-AB*,
490HP-AB, 491HP-AB,
429HP-AB, 443HP-AB,
449HP-AB, 448HP-AB,
440HP-AB, 451HP-AB,
417HP-AB, 408HP-AB,
410HP-AB, 458HP-AB*,
459HP-AB*, 413HP-AB*,
423HP-CA, 423HP-MB,
430HP-AB, 432HP-AB,

Supplies® Brand HOPG (Highly Ordered Pyrolytic Graphite)
CAR0608-AB Cargille® Optical Gel Code 0608

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