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The linen testers offered by SPI Supplies are all collapsible, and are designed for professional use. They can easily be carried in ones shirt pocket (except possibly for the largest one). Our linen tester products are among our most frequently asked for products because of their many applications. They are available only with high quality glass lens, in black anodized aluminum frames and now also, in light weight black plastic frames for outdoor use.

Traditionally, linen testers got their now generally used name, because of their original application, that is, the "counting" of the number of threads in a fabric. It is not at all unusual for us to be in some foreign country's bazaar, as we were not too long ago in Istanbul, and find that the famous carpet sellers were using the same linen testers to validate the number of "knots" in expensive silk carpets. These professionals were not using plastic linen testers with plastic lenses; we saw the using either the PEAK® or SPI Supplies® Brand of linen testers.

The linen testers offered by SPI Supplies are of professional quality, each is handmade using precision tolerances, and is indeed a fine piece of optics. They are used also by collectors of all types, especially those who collect stamps and coins, quality inspectors in variety of different industries, and broad range of hobbyists. The linen testers offered by SPI Supplies are also used at times by those visually impaired because of their ease of use for assisting with the reading of a newspaper or magazine.

Microscope laboratory applications:
Linen testers are often times used in microscopy laboratories as an aid for finding areas of defects for later study at still higher magnifications in some higher power microscope.

Banking security applications:
Linen testers are also widely used for the detection of counterfeit checks and counterfeit paper currency.

Handwriting analysis:
These high quality linen testers are also highly valued in any kind of forensic laboratory for the analysis not only of fabric samples from a crime scene but also handwriting analyses.

Selection of the "right" model:
A lot of the selection process depends on the personal preference of the intended user. Generally speaking, for field forensic or quality assurance applications, the smaller units are preferred since they can be carried unobtrusively in one's shirt pocket. For the most serious applications, obviously the larger models are more preferred. The textile industry tends to have standardized around the use of a 6x linen tester.

Metal vs. plastic frames:
Until recently, all linen testers offered by SPI Supplies were metal frame construction; professionals demand the precision that is only possible with a metal frame. Our main market traditionally has been for professionals and we had not for many years offered lineen testers in plastic frames.

However, for some customers, plastic frames offer some attractions. For example, they won't "trip" metal detectors at airports and other security check points. Plastic will not corrode and they are therefore more desirable when used either outdoors and exposed to moisture or even in laboratory settings where they could be exposed to corrosive vapors. There is also the fact that plastic frames are cheaper and are therefore attractive to science teachers wanting to purchase in quantity for classroom use. Consequently, SPI Supplies now offers our customers the choose of either metal or plastic frames, but all do have the same high quality glass lens optics.

Glass vs. plastic lenses:
Professionals want no distortion and that is possible only with lenses made of glass, not plastic. Also, glass is much more scratch resistant than plastic and will last much longer. True, plastic is a bit cheaper. But, our customers demand the image quality that is possibly only with glass lenses, and for that reason we do not offer linen testers (as to others) with cheaper but inferior lens.

Quantity discounts:
Purchase 10 or more of the same identical product and the Shopping Cart will automatically apply a 10% discount. For purchases of 100 or more of the same item, contact SPI Supplies directly, being sure to give us the SPI # of the product desired and the number desired. In order to enter the quote into our system, we will need to have full institutional affiliation, address, city, country, and phone and FAX numbers.

Choose from a variety of different linen testers:

Light Weight Glass lens, plastic frame

PEAK Linen Tester Glass lens, metal frame

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