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A high precision 20 mm diameter "parasite-like" lens is cemented onto a large 75 mm diameter lens. The magnification of the large lens is 2.5X, while that of the small lens has a compound magnification of 5X. No plastic lenses used here, it is of high quality "crown" glass, hand polished, and the magnified image is sharp and clear and free of distortion.

The special "parasite loupe" or compound magnifying glass has found wide uses in microscope and forensic laboratories as a means to making sure the right area of a sample is what is actually submitted for analysis.


Magnification: 2.5X, 5X
Lens diameter: 75 mm (2.5X) and 20 mm (5X)
Size: 80 mm diameter x 70 mm
Net weight: 111 gms
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