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PEAK Scale Loupe
PEAK Scale Loupe
PEAK Scale Loupe

The PEAK® Measuring Magnifier, sometimes called the PEAK Scale Loupe, is a wide field magnifier with a cross hair reticle with metric divisions and featuring a magnification of 15x. By placing the magnifier onto a flat surface with features to be measured. One can measure distance or other dimensions through the use of interchangeable reticles.

To achieve 15X magnification, the magnifier employs a more complicated design, one that corrects almost completely for the curvature of field and the lateral chromatic aberration by a combination of four different lenses. In order to reduce, if not completely eliminate internal reflection, all six air-to-glass interfaces have been optically coated.

In order to reduce, indeed virtually eliminate internal reflection, all six air-to-glass interfaces have been optically coated.

The use instructions are easy to follow. Adjust the distance between the cross hair (reticle) glass and the magnifier by rotating the rugged ring of the magnifier so one can observe in sharp focus the magnified image of the reticle. Even after long times of usage, re-adjustment is generally not necessary, unless of course some other user with different eye conditions starts to look through the magnifier.

Replacement parts:

The only part that tends to "break" if dropped is the clear plastic connector piece as shown below. If you think there is a chance of dropping the magnifier, you might want to consider purchasing a spare replacement piece in order to avoid problems with our minimum order policy should one be needed in a hurry.


PEAK Model 2016
Magnification: 15X
Field of view: 20 mm
Size: 35 mm diameter x 33 mm high
Net weight: 40 grams

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15X Measuring Magnifier with Reticle (Cross - Hair with Metric Divisions) 02244-AB$161.43 Add to cartYes
Plastic Replacement Piece 02244PP-AB10.34 Add to cartYes