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Some common applications for quartz slides and coverslips


There are several main uses for quartz slides and coverslips in the microscope laboratory. We don't think this is an all-inclusive list, but we hope this information will be helpful:

1. All types of UV microscopy work, where ordinary glass slides and coverslips would absorb the UV radiation, preventing some experiments from even being done at all. In other cases, if glass is being used, the absorption degrades the quality of the data that would otherwise be obtained had quartz been used.

2. In polymer science, there are some procedures that require the "hardening" of "soft" latex suspensions, such as acrylic based suspensions, with UV radiation so that they can be hardened up into "hard rigid marbles" and then prepared for either SEM or TEM examination, sometimes even LM. The irradiation can not be done using ordinary glass tubes because of the absorption of the UV by the glass, something that would not occur if quartz was being used.

3. For applications in microspectrophotometry, the slides and coverslips can be made "plano parallel", meaning that both sides are "flats" and have been very carefully precision manufactured to be parallel to each other. As a consequence, there is no image shifting as light passes through the slide parallel to the optic axis or a principle ray through it. The ability to make the quartz products "plano parallel" can be of great importance in terms of being able to do quality microspectrophotometry.

The paragraph was submitted by Ms. Barbara Foster of Microscopy Marketing and Education.

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