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Transmittance data for SPI supplied quartz slides and cover slips


SPI Supplies offers a full range of quartz microscope slides and cover slips and we believe that full technical data should be made available about SPI Supplies products. When such data is not on our website, we invite any customer to contact us and we will do our best to get the information that is required and what goes beyond what is presently being provided on the website.

In the case of quartz, not all quartz is the same, and if you are interested in doing only the highest quality research, then surely you would want to know something about the transmittance data for the quartz you are contemplating using.

  UV         Visible         IR

Near-Infrared: (0.7-1) to 5 Ám
Mid-Infrared: 5 to (25-40) Ám
Far-Infrared: (25-40) to (200-350) Ám

The quartz used in the SPI offered quartz slides and cover slips is what is denoted as "124" in the above given data. In the all important range of 0.290 to 2.5 micrometers, the transmittance is well over 90%, perhaps on the order of 93-94%.

For various reasons, it is not possible to make easily slides and cover slips out of Quartz 214 or 219. They are listed here for comparison purposes only. If you require higher transmission in the near infrared range, think about using our two sided polished MgO.

One more note: For those who might be a bit confused, all of the quartz used in the slides and cover slips, as standard products of SPI Supplies are of amorphous quartz, sometimes also referred to (in different parts of the world) as "fused quartz". However, there is indeed another form of quartz, it is crystalline (alpha) quartz. In some respects it has properties that are even better than Quartz 124 amorphous quartz. However, being highly crystalline, it does exhibit an optical anisotropy, it does exhibit birefringence (it will rotate light) and therefore, in general, it would seem to not be the recommended type of quartz as slides or cover slips. The main uses of quartz in crystalline form are as Brewster windows, 1/4 wave plates, and polarizing prisms. We are able to provide quartz in crystalline form, we caution that it is much more expensive than the amorphous form, but should you see potential applications, let us know your requirements and we can offer pricing.

If you should have further questions about the quality or other specifications of the quartz slides and cover slips offered by SPI, do let us know.

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