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SPI Supplies® Brand Quartz Microscope Slides and Cover Slips

Our finest surface finish, SPI SuperSmooth™ gives surface roughness < 0.5 nm


For many years and even for most of our customers today, the standard roughness of the standard SPI Supplies quartz slides and cover slips are more than acceptable. The surface roughness, as determined by atomic force microscopy (AFM) is better than 2 nm and while this is good for most, it is not (apparently) good enough for those working in nanotechnology, and where they require something with less surface roughness.

The SPI SuperSmooth™ quartz slide products:
Taking advantage of the newest technology for producing surfaces with reduced roughness, we are able to reduce the surface roughness from the "standard" of better than 2 nm down to under 0.5 nm. We don't recommend this product for everyone because of the high cost. But for those who need it, and if it enables them to obtain superior results, then the high price paid for the slides is well worth it.

Over the coming years we will be adding more and more of our standard products.

SPI SuperSmooth Quartz Slides
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1" (25.4 mm) x 3" (76 mm) x 1 mm Thick01040-AB$115.92$104.33 Add to cartYes

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