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Cargille™ Immersion Oils

For Fluorescence Microscopy: Optical and Physical Properties, Type DF, FF, and HF

Product Information:

Immersion OilType LDFType FFType HF
Refractive Index @23° C:
F Line (4861 )1.52321.48501.5234
E Line (5461 )1.51801.48101.5180
D Line (5893 )1.51501.47901.5150
C Line (6563 )1.51161.47661.5117

Dispersion: nF-nC0.01160.00840.0118
Abbe VD44.257.043.8
Abbe VE44.056.543.6

Temperature Coefficient
(15-35° C) dnD/dt- 0.00039- 0.00037- 0.00038

Stability (change in nD @25° C after
24 hrs at stated temperature)*
60° C:000.0001
100° C:+0.000200.0006

Short UV:Very-Very-LowNoneVery-Very-Low
Long UV:Very-LowNoneVery-Low

Color: (Gardner)<1<1<1

Viscosity: Centistokes
+/-10% @ 23° C330170700

Density: @ 23° C
lb/gal (US):10.227.327.77

Cloud Point:<-6° C    (<21.2 ° F)<-6° C    (<21.2 ° F)2°C    (35.6 ° F)

Flash Point:198° C    (390° F)215.5° C    (420° F)>171.1° C    (>340°F)
Neutralization: (mg KOH/gm)0.15 Max0.01 Max0.03 Max
*Relative to Cedarwood Oil

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