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The product line often times referred to as the "Cargille Liquids" or "Cargille Fluids" consist of a number of different product "groups", each one being made up of a different type of microscopy related product, usually used for characterizing the optical properties of a material. The most commonly requested and used of these "groups" are the refractive index fluids and immersion oils.

Some comments about Cargille refractive index fluids:
This range of products is divided into several different "groups" depending on indices, applications, and formulation.

The "standard group" consists of products used for certification and calibration of equipment and other purposes such as high precision scientific research. Some of the members of this group are also "certified".

Other refractive index fluids are available that have been precisely matched to specific applications. We anticipate this listing to be a continuous "work in progress". If what you need is not specifically listed below, then use our "find a refractive index fluid" form and let us respond to your requirements that way. Of course, refractive index is a function of temperature so if one is working at temperatures other than room temperature, some adjustment has to be made for the refractive index change.

We are often asked the difference between immersion oils vs. refractive index fluids.

Immersion liquids as originally designed are for immersing objectives for microscopy and are formulated for specific properties chiefly related to viscosity (and to some degree their freedom from fluorescence).

Refractive index liquids are formulated for a specific refractive index at a specific wavelength and generally have a lower viscosity than the immersion oils since they are used for the actual mounting of samples. So while in some respects there are similarities, at the same time, the way the two groups of fluids are used is substantially different.

All of the immersion oils are formulated to have "low" fluorescence, but the oils formulated specifically for fluoresence applications, have even lower or no fluorescence. One should not try to save money by using the standard oils when doing fluorescence studies. This is surely a case of being penny wide and pound foolish because the quality of the experimental data will be greatly reduced.

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Listing of the groups:

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