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Cargille™ Gem Refractometer Liquid

Used with gem refractometers for the identification of gemstones

The Cargille Gem Refractometer Liquid has a refractive index of nD = 1.810, the highest of any liquid not containing arsenic. As the name implies, it is widely used with gem refractometers as a contact medium for the identification of gemstones. This light yellow liquid can also be used to reduce or eliminate glare from a gem's surface, facilitating inspection of the gem's interior for inclusions and other defects.

If this should turn out to not be the proper index matching fluid for your application, remember that we offer a complete range of refractive index matching fluids.

This liquid is supplied in an amber glass bottle. The cap has a glass applicator rod attached to it on the inside, designed to deliver a small droplet.

To ensure the liquids maximum shelf life, keep this liquid tightly sealed after opening, store it away from direct light and in moderate temperatures.

nD = 1.81 +/- 0.005 @ 25°C
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