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We now offer the new SPI Supplies® brand of stereo microscopes. Does the world need another brand of stereo microscope? Perhaps not, but in this case, we know the world does need a brand of more reasonably priced stereo microscopes. Therefore the reason for the new family of high quality yet inexpensive light microscopes from SPI Supplies.

SPI Supplies brings to our customers the very best optical products from several different manufacturing sources. The PEAK® name is well known worldwide when it comes to inspection microscopes, reticles and magnifiers. We visit their factory in Japan often and are always impressed with their passion for detail and high quality.

We also offer the SPI Supplies® brand of magnifiers and reticles. The quality here is excellent but more economically priced. The SPI Supplies brand dome magnifiers are used worldwide by those who are visually disabled or impaired. The optical quality acrylic used for these products is unsurpassed in its quality and freedom from distortion effects.

The portable inspection microscopes from Graticules Ltd. are a bit more costly but anyone who has used one knows that the quality is unsurpassed and the higher price is more than justified for those applications requiring critical measurements.

For those doing UV microscopy, the quality of the SPI Supplies brand of quartz slides and cover slips is recognized as the standard of the world. No one makes slides and cover slips with a flatness beyond that which is the standard SPI Supplies specification for flatness.