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SPI Glass Knife Boat Sealer

Black fingernail polish is the best sealer for glass knives in trufs



SPI Glass Knife Boat Sealer

Over the years, researchers have discovered that certain "high end" black finger nail polishes make outstanding glass knife boat sealants for holding a glass knife inside the truf. Not all black finger nail polishes work the same way, and consequently, only a segment of all black nail polishes can be used for this particular application. The SPI Supplies brand of glass knife sealer is known for its fast drying (e.g. evaporation) characteristics.

In the microscopy and histology laboratory, this handy and indispensible product is used for sealing the truf with the glass knife. The sealing is done in less than five minutes.

Nail polish has other uses in the histology laboratory such as for "coverslipping" or the sealing of the coverslip to the slide. However, a good wax might be a better choice for this particular application. Of course there are numerous other applications where a high quality sealant is needed.

Color: Black
Volume: 0.5 oz

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