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No laboratory should be without eye protection items such as the ordinary laboratory safety goggles with splash protection and if necessary, a full face shield. We ourselves have been in all too many EM and LM laboratories where eye protection has not been taken seriously. Indeed, in the years since the founding of Structure Probe, Inc. we have had an almost accident-free no-lost-time-injury record, but we have not been totally accident free. Our most serious injury turned out to be from the use of Polaroid Type 52 4x5" Land film.

If a laboratory is doing any vacuum evaporation work, where looking even if only indirectly at the filament or hot carbon rod is done, eye protection against UV is also mandatory. But even with the best eye protection, remember that it is something like looking at the sun, you just never ever look at it directly!

We present below the three recommended eye protection/safety products for microscopy laboratory use.


Use these high quality crystal clear goggles whenever pouring small quantities of EM chemicals. Not for use during vacuum evaporation.

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Face Shield

Use this face shield whenever pouring large quantities of any chemical. We would not advocate using a face shield for pouring from a 60 cc bottle of silver paint thinner. But we would recommend its use when pouring from a 5 gallon pail of something like acetone. An accidental spill could very easily overwhelm smaller safety goggles, such as the SPI # 05307-AB above. Not for use during vacuum evaporation.

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Face shield is in background; goggles
and ordinary safety glasses in foreground
should be ignore.

Goggles to wear during vacuum evaporation

We recommend that only "welder's goggles" be used for this application.

They are designed to protect not only from the high intensity source of the evaporation source but also from the UV that is also generated at the time of the evaporation process.

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