MicroHeat™ Model MH 4

MicroHeat™ is a heat-stabilzed, small table with power supply designed for embedding samples and thermoplastic gluing under stereooptical microscope.


The MicroHeat™ was developed to make the embedding procedure easier. Its main advantage is that due to its small dimensions, it can be placed on the specimen table of the stereooptical microscope and this way gluing faults can be avoided. This is especially important where samples require bubble-free sticking (e.g., cross-sectional samples for electron microscopy). The temperature of the heated surface of the table can be adjusted continuously in a wide range and is kept constant by the built-in electronics. The temperature of the hot plate can be adjusted continuously is wide range and is kept constant by the built-in electronics. A control circuit maintains the temperature of the heated table within +1-5 degrees celsius. The temperature of the heater table usually reaches the over preset temperature within 1-3 minutes. (It is recommended to operate the hot plate at least 5 minutes after switching on the MicroHeat™).



Wide application range in the fields of materials research, geology, semiconductors and optical industry for investigation of multilayer systems, semiconductors, high Tc superconductors, diamond, composite materials, metals, ceramics, glasses, rocks and minerals.


Power supply subunit


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