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Automated Tissue Processors

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Tissue processors have been around for some years, but only in recent years, with the advances in manufacturing as well as electronic technology, has there been the kinds of advances that have opened up the applications in a wide range of new laboratory settings. For any laboratory processing large numbers of samples such systems are absolutely necessary and because of the value of everyone's time, the automated features are indispensable.

Available products:
SPI Supplies offers two different automated tissue processing systems, one being a "conventional" tissue processor system and the other being an automated microwave tissue processor system. The former handles smaller size samples, those normally associated with transmission electron microscopy (TEM) but for those doing light microscopy and histology type work, if working with smaller size samples, this system will work quite fine. The microwave tissue processor which will do the tissue infiltration and processing, will also polymerize the processed samples to the desired state of hardness.

Both tissue processor products carry a 12 month parts and service warranty against manufacturing defects.

Available products:

FastCat™ Tissue Processor FastCat™ Tissue Processor

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