SMART SiN Grids with 15 nm membranes now
available with our standard grid configurations
and will fit in any TEM holder.
Cross-section and top-down views of SMART
SiN Grids with four 60 x 100 um windows.

SPI Supplies is proud to now offer SMART Grids with silicon nitride membranes for high resolution imaging of low contrast materials using TEM. SMART SiN functionalized grids enable rapid, reliable, and quality sample preparation.

SMART SiN Grids employ state-of-the art microfabrication techniques that allow for the deposition of ultra-low stress silicon nitride (Si3N4) membrane windows on sturdy Si substrates to provide the lowest background of any silicon-based membrane grids. The nitride membranes are chemically resistant and surprisingly robust given their extreme thin-ness. In addition, we have developed proprietary processing technology that allows us to access many of the same surface functionalities that we offer for our SiO2 membranes.

SMART SiN Grids are now available with 15 nm ultra-flat membranes on 100 um thick Si substrates in the same three standard configurations as is available for our SiO2 membrane grids. These grids fit in any standard TEM grid holder. SMART SiN Grids are available with both functionalized surfaces to enhance sample prepration or as the native (non-functionalized) nitride membrane.

In addition, we have SMART SiN grids available in 5 nm and 20 nm membranes with custom geometry as shown in the image on the right. The grids are 3.5 mm square and 300 ?m thick with four 60 x 100 ?m nitride membranes. These grids will fit in all FEI single tilt holders, but not all standard TEM holders from other manufacturers.

As with our SiO2 membrane SMART Grids, SMART SiN Grids can be used in a variety of applications and with an assortment of analytical methods. They are an excellent choice for materials including single-walled carbon nanotubes, carbon black, latex spheres, virus-like particles, dendrimers, as well as a range of inorganic materials and particles. SMART SiN Grids are the preferred substrate for electron energy loss spectroscopy due to their low absorption, but can also be used with SEM, STEM, AFM, and other surface analytical techniques.

Smart SiN Grids (standard 3mm grids fit in any TEM holder)

NanoBasic Grids Hydrophylic,standard use microscopy grid
NanoPlus Grids Hydrophilic,positive charge grid
NanoMinus Grids Hydrophilic,negative charge grid
NanoHydrophobic Grids Hydrophobic,standard use grid


To order SMART Grids™, please make your selection below. For assistance in selecting the correct window size and thickness for your applications, see our configuration page.