NanoOxide Grids

NanoOxide coatings offer the unique opportunity to simulate other oxides while using the microscopy ready substrate. Two different metal oxide coatings are presently available: Al2O3 and ZnO. These coatings can aid in fundamental catalyst research by enabling one to monitor the structural evolution of nanocatalysts on relevant chemical surfaces from deposition through deactivation. Other applications include ZnO nanowire growth. Metal oxide coating thicknesses are typically 5-10 nm to maintain electron transparency, although custom thicknesses may be produced. Other metal oxide coatings may be produced as a custom service upon request.


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NanoOxide™ Grids

Window SizeThicknessPkgSPI #EachIn Stock
50 x 50 µm25 nm10NG01211A-AB$364.14 Add to cartNo
100 x 100 µm25 nm10NG01211B-AB364.14 Add to cartNo
2 mm x 50 µm25 nm10NG01211C-AB364.14 Add to cartNo
NanoOxide™ Grids