NanoBasic™ Grids
Cross-section and top-down views of standard
SMART Grids with 34 windows and elongated slot
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NanoBasic™ Grids provide a high performance, general utility platform to prepare samples for virtually all nanomaterials including metals and ceramics, polymer materials, and carbons.

NanoBasic™ Grids are non-functionalized, hydrophilic SMART Grids micro-fabricated from thin silicon wafers. Thermally-grown electron transparent SiO2 membrane windows provide an ultra-low background for high resolution nanoscale imaging.

The standard grid configuration is a 3 mm x 100 micron thick disk with 25 nm thick SiO2 membranes. SMART Grids are also available with 75 nm membranes and as membraneless frames.

Our NanoBasic grids accommodate a wide range of sample preparation methods including drop-casting, self-assembly, and aerosol deposition of nanomaterials. Surface hydroxyl groups create a hydrophilic surface that easily wets aqueous solutions. Thin films can be directly deposited onto the SiO2 surface. NanoBasic grids can be chemically treated or heated to 1000°C offering the unparalleled capability of multi-step processing and correlative analysis.


To order SMART Grids™, please make your selection below. For assistance in selecting the correct window size and thickness for your applications, see our configuration page.

NanoBasic™ Grids

Window SizeThicknessPkgSPI #EachIn Stock
50 x 50 µm25 nm10NG01011A-AB$260.10 Add to cartNo
100 x 100 µm25 nm10NG01011B-AB260.10 Add to cartNo
2 mm x 50 µm25 nm10NG01011C-AB260.10 Add to cartNo
NanoBasic™ Grids