BioPlus Grids

BioPlus Grids are hydrophilic SMART Grids with positive surface charge that promote non-specific electrostatic binding to a wide range of biological anions including carboxylates, phosphates, and sulfates. The positive partial surface charge is derived from primary amine-groups tethered to the grid surface that promote nonspecific binding to proteins, antibodies, and virus particles through cystein residues. Samples prepared with BioPlus Grids show a good distribution of biomolecules with random orientation across the entire grid surface. The BioPlus Grids can also be blocked after sample deposition. BioPlus Grids simplify the application of positive and negative stains due to their hydrophilic surface. The 25 nm SiO2 membranes provide low background for imaging.


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BioPlus™ Grids

Window SizeThicknessPkgSPI #EachIn Stock
50 x 50 µm25 nm10BG01051A-AB$364.14 Add to cartNo
100 x 100 µm25 nm10BG01051B-AB364.14 Add to cartNo
2 mm x 50 µm25 nm10BG01051C-AB364.14 Add to cartNo