Silicon Dioxide

Silicon Dioxide

Silicon Dioxide ultrathin film TEM grids offer high resolution imaging of prepared samples. Nanometer thick films have minimal electronic interference and provide lower background signal than comparable carbon grids. This allows clearer resolution of imaged samples. Additionally, the films are robust enough to withstand repeated plasma cleanings, harsh deposition and chemical conditions, and high temperatures (tolerates temperatures to 1000°C). Surprisingly strong for their thinness, silicon dioxide TEM grids provide a highly favorable balance between resolution and robustness. Also offers the ability to analyze for nitrogen by EDX techniques. Our oxide films are pure stochiometric SiO2, as they are prepared by sputtering from a high quality SiO2 target in a dilute oxygen ambient.


Silicon Dioxide ultrathin film TEM window grids are available in film thicknesses of 20 nm and 40 nm. All films are highly uniform in thickness, maintaining imaging resolution throughout the film area. The 20 nm TEM window grids allow for high resolution imaging of prepared samples. The 40 nm grids are a more robust platform for high quality imaging.

Two thickness to choose from: 20 nm and 40 nm

Thickness (nm)
Window Size SPI #Pack of 10In Stock
20 nm9 Squares SO100-A20Q33$210.24 Add to cartYes
40 nm9 Squares SO100-A40Q33175.20 Add to cartYes