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SEM view of the 2 Ám perforations
on 4 Ám centers. Note the outstanding
flatness of these membranes.
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Low magnification SEM view of
entire 3 mm diameter grid.
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View of the holey silicon nitride
membrane window grid. Membrane size is 0.5 x 0.5 mm.
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Holes are 2 Ám in diameter on 4 Ám.
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Using the very latest MEMs technology and processing techniques, we can now offer an array of holes, 2Ám in diameter on 4 Ám centers. The entire area of the membrane window is "holey" and the the array of holes covers the membrane area in its entirety. Quantitatively, there are 113x113 rows/columns for a total number of 12,545 holes per membrane. There is a staggering of the rows for increased mechanical strength. The outside frame will fit comfortably in any TEM grid holder designed for 3.05 mm diameter grids.

A Note of Caution Before Use:

The typical TEM grid has a thickness of 30-50 Ám whereas these grids are 200 Ám thick. For most TEM users this larger thickness presents no problems what so ever. However, for the first time user make sure you do not "force" the holder too tight. If you should be one with a holder that is just "too snug", we suggest contacting your TEM vendor supplier since they would have information about how the holder could be modified to more comfortably "take" this thicker grid. But as mentioned earlier, most users report no difficulties whatsoever in the use of these somewhat thicker grids.

Specifications of The Perforated Membrane Window Grids:

Frame thickness: 200 Ám
Membrane size: 0.5 x 0.5 mm (500x500 Ám)
Membrane thickness: 50 nm
Holes: 2 Ám holes on 4 Ám centers


10 grids per pack shipping in a membrane box

MSDS 4120sn

Holey Silicon Nitride Membrane Window Grids for TEM:

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